I hate the way my teenage son is so

I hate the way my teenage son is so greedy. I make cookies to share when his friend comes over to play video games and he will only let his friend have one. He will get a drink for himself and balk at having to get one for his friend. I tell my son it is his responsibility to make his guest feel comfortable- not to eat in front of him! We got two of the same DVDs for Christmas (one on Christmas Eve from a relative and the box set on Christmas day from a different relative) and because they were both opened we couldn't take them back. We didn't need two of them but instead of giving it to him he would only let his friend 'borrow' the extra copy and made him bring it right back. I gave his friend an AC/DC hoodie that has been sitting in the closet untouched for TWO YEARS my son threw a fit. I don't know where it comes from- we don't live like that. Living is giving in my opinion but this boy will hang on to something even if it serves no purpose. He'll pay no attention to it- and suddenly it's MINE if someone even looks at it. The only thing I can think is he's got the personality traits of his dad. But I was hoping nurture would trump nature in this instance. Sometimes it does ...but not enough to keep me from worrying. I can't force or bully these negative feelings out of him, I can only keep modeling the behavior in hopes that he picks it up. When I ask him about it he just gets more and more frustrated. He's a very ego centered person. He often forgets to remember that his actions affect those around him until he says or does something that just pushes me past the limit. He's not a violent kid- no hitting or pushing. He doesn't cuss at me- because I'd tie his lips in a knot. I just want him to not be so ME, MYSELF and MINE all the time. Part of it is being a teenager- but a lot of that was there beforehand. With this attitude, I worry about how he will function in relationships and treat women some day. Because his dad- very egocentric. He never thought about how his actions affected me. It was all about HIM. Now I see my son- and I worry.

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  • People can also be horders too.It is like a compulsion that can not be controlled.My husband is pack rat so eas his grandfather.I would tell him look your embarrassing me when your selfish I did not raise you that way but I also would not go and give his stuff away-at least give him heads up so he doe have a fit in front of everyone.

  • Sounds like he may be a bit spoiled....try giving him less and doing less to cater to him and make him appreciate things

  • Your kid is a stupid f****** brat.
    Smash him in the face with a frying pan next time he wants to be a little b**** !

  • well a lot of kids have that kinda behavior when they are young around 3-10 sometimes it may even be when they are older i think it is the maturity level that hes in maybe.

  • He's YOUR kid why don't you do something more about it?

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