I have been using my wife and her

I have been using my wife and her friends to get off.

My wife allows me to take very explicit photos of her, which she believes I delete afterwards. I have kept every single picture and video of her. I have gotten into the habit of sharing thos pictures online, of course without her knowing.

There are quite a few of her friends and coworkers that has seen these pictures. I even showed her brother-in-law who gets off looking at them too! Recently I have been going so far as to trade her used uderwear to these guys soo they too can know and taste of my wife.

My most recent risky thing to do is have a live web feed of my wife sleeping (she sleeps in the nude) where I position the webcam between her legs so everyone could see her privates live and in person!

I've also been using my wife's friend's to get off, I go through their hampers and find ther underwear to m********* too. I've done this so many times I lost track how many times I've done it.

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  • I used to take nudes and semi-nudes of my ex-wife's one friend and coworker, "Jess". We had a love-hate thing going on. Jess was a class-A b****, and enjoyed it. I genuinely didn't like her, but, we had a physical attraction going on. I found her incredibly sexy, and, the photo thing started off as a joke and her suggestion while visiting her house. Gave me some bikini and topless shots, guess had fun with it, so we kept doing it, eventually doing nudes. And yes, when the wife didn't "get me there", physically, I'd use the photos of Jess as motivation...

  • wow i would freakin hate to be ur wife, married to someone that does that to their own wife even if other husbands do that.

  • I have made many videos of her and HAVE put them up on the internet.

  • make videos and put them on the internet

  • sicko fucko a******

  • Nice to know some people call ME a "psychopath", "the makings of a serial killer", etc... when there is someone here who basically admits to wanting to commint murder. Nice.

  • If my husband did this I would divorce him and then about 4 years later I would kill him.You truly are a f****** scumbag.

  • I've been doing this for over a year and most of the guys I know do this too. So yeah I won't get divorced and penniless. I probably will get bored of her and leave her ass before she could even find out.

    Funny thing is, most women believe their male friends would not do any of this in any capacity. Oh how wrong they are! Probably have happened to them too, they just don't know it yet!

  • hahahaha

    this sucker is about 6 months away from divorced & homeless.

  • Stop listening to these crazy people....
    Keep doing what your doing!!

  • You're a sociopath AND a psychopath. Get help NOW before you start harrassing even more people than you already are - like peeking in your neighbors windows. Sick. You have all the makings of a serial killer.

  • you probably need to tell her before someone else does...i know its easier said than done though

  • I hope she finds out. You are horrible. I hope she divorces your sorry ass and leaves you peniless. You are a sicko. LOSER!

  • What a loser. You didn't post a link.

  • Great person, don't stop!

  • You gotta stop what if ur wife finds out, if she doesnt already know wouldnt someone have told her by know or if not if u keep this up its pretty much a sure deal shell find out dont u think thatll ruin ur marriage is it worth it to ruin ur marriage? Thats horrible what ur doing its an invasion of privacy.

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