I want to kill stepdad

My stepdad has moved into my house two years ago and ever since then I have never been happy. My friends even noticed how unhappy I am with his unwanted presence. First of all he's a total d*** to my mom by yelling at her when ever she didn't "scolds" me the right way. And this one time I was washing my face like any person would do after getting mud on it, he screams at her tell me to turn off the water . He makes my mom yell at me for the stupidest s*** like being 2 small f****** minutes late for School ( witch I wasn't school starts at 8 30 on Mondays . And I might add I was putting on my f****** bra and he runs his short ass in my room and took my f****** phone out of my bag and squid your grounded. He also has v***** lips like straight up v***** lips . The look like a mast herpes covered v***** and when he eats OMFG dont get me started about his eating . He mones so at the f****** dinner table I watch food go in to his face v***** and hear moaning. Its like im watching a p**** omg I want him gone !!!!

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  • You are f***** up and mildly retarded get help. He hasn't done anything terribly cruel like beatings or rape.

  • Does your mom know about your thoughts of him?
    if its just that your over reacting (we will never know as we dont know you) then you need to be able to deal with people you dont like and it is a valuble life lesson. if he really is that awful then make your mom do something about him. or talk to childline or something (dont know what foreign equivalents are and i dont know where your from)
    you can get help from people when you ask, unlikely that your gonna get any otherwise xx

  • Support your Mom, and think about her happiness, not just yourself.

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