I'm 26, I just had a child with my high

I'm 26, I just had a child with my high school sweetheart, and he wants nothing to do with either one of us. He is worried about his family or his current girlfriend finding out...at his request when I told him I was pregnant and keeping it, I orginally agreed to leave him out of everything because I knew if he didn't want to be around then he wouldnt be a good father. Now i'm double thinking it because I don't understand why we are not good enough to be in his life but he talks to his current girlfriend about marrying her...maybe I should disclose his identity to the state and file for child support? Would I be a bad person if I did?

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  • I paid child support for 12 years. It made it extemely difficult to get by. That being said, I am very proud that even though their mother and I were divorced, I took care of my responsibility to my children. Give him that. And it does not matter wether he agrees or not. Go the the DA and get that ,money! And not for you, but for your child. He/ She deserves it. I can't tell you how damaging it is to my step daughter now that she is 24 and she found out that her dad never paid a dime of child support. There are more angles to look at this than can be covered in this format but all of them lead to making him responsible for his child. So come back and tell us how you are doing. Start this week.

  • If you do not collect child support now, you will regret it later. Also, if he has to pay chances are he is going to get curious about his child, so it is also a good way to get him involved with the baby.

  • if you filed for child support because you thought that your child needed it, that would be one thing.

    but if you had an agreement that he would not be in the child's life and now you want to go back on it for personal reasons, rather than for the betterment of your child's life, then YES it would be wrong.

    don't be petty. your child's health and happiness should be your first priority in this matter--not getting this dude to acknowledge that he knocked you up.

    i personally think that the ki deserves child support, unless you make enough money to give the kid a good life on your own.

    i think the best thing to do would be to think long and hard about whats best for your kid and what repercussions any action you take would have on the kids life in the long term

  • do not waste your time with this lowlife piece of obvious s***. get what you need out of him for you and your baby.

    in the future you will be thankful he is gone and you ended up not living together. belive me, i did this and i have four kids.

  • take his ass to court and get childsupport. You didnt make that baby alone.

  • That's right, get the child support and do what you need to raise the baby - it's his too. If he helped to make it, he can help to pay for it. Then raise the baby the best you can, and forget about his ass. I'm sure his gf will find out, and when she does, he'll be out on the street anyway. It's what his dumbass deserves.

  • He is a losser and his life deserves to be ruined if he wants to ruin your's without you saying a word. Get that money and dont worry about his comfort.
    ~Mrs. Tell It Like It Is~

  • he shouldnt have a fricken family and a gf when he made u pregnant u should tell him that.

  • I hope you know by now that it taks two to make a kid, so in the future play if you don't have protection, say no.

  • look if he doesn't want to be around you then s**** him. Go get child support but don't be one of those trick baby mama's who's always taking him to court and trying to up the child support. Just get you child support and then raise your kid and forget about him. And he'll be the one who has to explain to the child why you weren't good enough to be in his life.

  • Throw yourself down a flight of stairs !
    That'll take care of that little runt inside of you.

  • You should tell the sad sac of a man to honor his obligation to the child he brought into the world and give support to the family he has already established. You might be a bad person if you do not do everything you can to give that child a chance.

    Any man that walks away from his child is a punk and a p****.

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