i feel weird about my b******, they are

i feel weird about my b******, they are quite large, when im naked i think they look good a lot of the time, but sometimes i dont think they do they look ugly sometimes to me anyway. I guess everyone feels weird about something aboutr their body, but i hate it.

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  • I am sick of girls complaining about large b******, s*** donate some to me

  • so ur ok with the way ur body looks now right so keep living life without worring about it

  • so u gonna try that

  • ok i know this is gonna sound weird but hears a way to get ur self-esteem up go up to ur older brother or ur dad and flash them but first flirt with them try to get them h**** and see what they say

  • ok ur welcome just remember if a guy doesn't love u for u or treat u right he doesn't deserve u

  • -thankyou.

  • no i think im pretty good now.

  • so do u still need help or are u ok now

  • well hopefully u don't beat ur self up like i did to the point where u drain any bit of self esteem out of u

  • ok so ur gonna realize soon that ppl are the way they are for a reason and that isn't something u can change like be over-weight u just got to get use to it and love urself the way u are otherwise u'll never be happy

  • im turning 18 in May.

  • if u don't mind how old are u it could help me help u cuz younger girls are usually basing it off famous ppl instead of real ppl

  • so u need help still or ur gonna see how u feel when ur older

  • yeah if your young is common for girls not to like there body when i was 14 i had a friend who kept saying she was fat and she wasn't and it took the whole school year but after me telling her she wasn't fat she started to believe

  • no u did thanx :), i think after awhile ill get to liking them a lot more.

  • so did i help or do you need more

  • if you still need help just comments and i'll see if i can help you

  • well you know you got to understand and realize nothing is going to be perfect thats what makes life so great we can just be ourselves and realize then we all make mistake or we are all imperfect and thats the way its mean to be

  • yeah well its more me that i wash i could accept it for what it is and i dont wanna get surgery.

  • your body is your body there nothing you can do about except have work done or accept the way it is and if there is a guy that you seeing who doesn't like you for you then you should be with him, i mean i like hot chick just as much as the next man but if the hot chick is mean and an ok looking chick is nice i would go with the ok looking one

  • aww thankyou that means a lot also they get kinda pointy if im not wearing a bra at times and round at other times.

  • wow you have a great rack if there really a D, you explain very minor problems i mean man ain't gonna care about the vein and they wouldn't care if the areola changes anyway and if your a nice person and have a get personal doesn't really matter what you look

  • lol yeah i guess thats a good point, but why is it like that? is that natural? i mean they do look pretty good usually and when they are at their ugliest they arent horrible looking. ive never had a baby before and im quite young.

  • its ok hunny, you can see a few stretch marks in mine and veins running through them at times, but no guy ever complained. i think b****** are b****** to men haha they dont care

  • well like sometimes the areola is kinda lighter coloured and then other times its darker its like depending on wat mood im in? lol and i try to buy bras that support good, also its really weird but like u can see the veins in them a lil bit sometimes.

  • Just what imperfection do you think they have? Point out too much? Pancake or fried egg looking? Odd nipples? Inverted or dinner plate nipples? Below the belt but mega clevage? Do they pass the pencil test? (lift and put a pencil underneath and let go. does the pencil fall.)

    I love the variety that b**** can be. Many are unique and I only dislike a few 'aspects'. For example, Paris Hilton's are a b****-killer.


    What did one breast say to the other?
    "Don't hang so low or people will think you're nuts!"

  • I like your t***.

  • Can i j*** on your t*** ?

  • they are D size but its no so much the size of them that bothers me its like how they look.

  • I'm a tom boy and almost as flat chested as my two brothers, and my cousin, but I love it that way and most of the boys I know think I'm ok as a friend but they never ask me out.

  • large breast are awesome!!! can i see them???

  • Sometimes I wake up and look in the mirror and go DAMN that guy looks good and sometimes I wake up and think god this is just not my day.

    We all have our days when we feel ugly.

    I can guarantee you though, most guys would immediately tell you that large b****** aren't ugly...

  • hun, i have the same problem, but opposite.
    i have pretty small b****** and I hate it!

  • i know what you mean, i'm a guy with a much bigger d*** than any of my friends, they say i'm lucky, but i wish i had girls parts instead.

  • how large is quite large....cup size?

  • Can i titty f*** you ?

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