I hate indians

I dont know why people dont see it.....but i really hate indians i hate that smelly country they are so awkward their culture their food .........all of it really annoys me.....do a search on them look how they act and look

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  • Racist!!! What makes you,think you're superior? You're just a fellow cretin and human being,like the rest of us! You aren't a god,messiah or anything special!! So get off your high horse and take the d**** out your ass!!!

  • U r f****** a****** racist ... u smells like a s***, their culture and their food is best for them motha f*****.. dont mess with them ... they will rip off ur ass and make u begger on a busiest street of delhi :)

  • This comment just puts Indians in a worse light. You should repay bigotry with education and kindness, not hateful threats.

  • Indian ladies are beautiful great f****

  • Then do not be around them. I am sure people do not like being around whatever you claim to be. Shouldn't they just avoid your people and culture?

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