It started back when I was 14 and I had

It started back when I was 14 and I had access to chatrooms. I liked to go into them and talk about s** and cyber with people. Eventually I became obsessed with talking to older men. I'd cyber with them. I grew bold enough to start talking to men more than once and one guy in particular. I was visiting my grandparents at the time and he was visiting his parents in the same city. I was 15 and he was over 30. We cybered and eventually I called him. We had phone s** alot and we talked about meeting. Now this whole time I never gave him my true information. I made up my name and where I lived and all sorts of stuff. Finally we set up a day to meet and we were going to rent a hotel room and have real s**. Well I had no intention of showing up but it thrilled me to be doing this and part of me wanted to and still wishes I actually had. So he thinks we are meeting at the local Barnes & Nobles and he goes. I don't show up and he talks to me later that day and asks what gives. I made up a lie that my family forced me to do stuff with them that day and there would be no way I could have gotten over to him. He bought it and for years we kept in touch and cybered and had phone s**. I've messed with tons of men in the same fashion. I make them think I will meet for s** but then trick them and I have a laugh but yet again part of me always wants to actually go. I'm 20 now so its not illegal anymore so I could but I don't have the guts and I don't think I could live with myself. I do want people to respond to this. Not advice but I want to know what you would think of me. I've NEVER EVER told anyone or even let on that I did this. What are your honest to God reactions?

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  • Hey, I got p***** at first when nobody showed up,
    But then, I found this little 13 year old girl waiting for her mother.
    At first, I thought she was you, but after I started talking to her I realized it wasn't.
    So, I just took her anyway. I figured, why waste a trip.
    I dragged her to my car in the parking lot and proceeded to make her suck me off and f*** me........twice.
    When I kicked her out of the car, I made sure I slapped her hard enough to know what would happen if she said anything.
    Next time, meet me, ok??


    i f****** waited there from 4 till it closed
    and that's a long ass mother f****** time!

    i was walking around with a b****!
    F****** Y O U.

  • *shrug*

    just be careful.

  • it's not weird... all girls want to be chased. Don't sleep with them though.... you don't know if they have an std

  • I think it was mean to string the guy along. You are the reason why guys are talked into thinking it would be fine, but go to jail for internet luring, when you did it all yourself.
    He was expecting he was talking talk to a mature adult, not a teenager telling lies.

    But now you're twenty, cyber all you want. Go get some. Someone will take you up on any offers.

  • B**** you promised me head !!
    Where are you !! ??

  • so it was you?? wait till i get you, b****!!!!

  • That's really creepy.

    I think you are desperate for some attention or something, find someone local.

  • i think this is a sad waste of life. to be honest.
    not in a harsh way, but you need to get your life on track. this isnt funny^

    there are so many other ways you could focus your life on.

  • That dude's an a******. I think its funny. I wish I could do something like that. Kudos, man.

  • Your a w**** who deserves to be raped

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