I feel bad for my fiiance because he

I feel bad for my fiiance because he doesn't believe in pre-marital s**. I havn't had s**. But I've let many people finger me out or give me oral s**. I've also done the same to many guys. Do you think he thinks of me doing these acts with other guys?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • The truth always comes out, unless you change and determine in your heart to be Godly. God sees and God hears.

  • What you've done before him is just that. I'm sure he isn't suffering from hang ups about it or anything. So long as you two love each other and this is want you both want, I see no problem. Congratulations!


  • OMG SiteShrink! My HIVE MIND friend! Heh. Welcome back.

    OP, don't feel bad for him.

  • You kind of answered it when you said "many" people, you are a w**** but you just decided you would get off on a technicality.

  • By the definition you are still a virgin, being tha you have not yet had sexual intercourse so you have technically met his criteria. He should be ok with it.

    So have you done any of those things to him yet?


  • You're still a virgin so that should all be okay. So why is he shirking his duty to know how to make love to you? If he has no experience how is he to supply your sexual satisfaction? I'm sure he'll appreciate your experience at sucking a d***. Teach him right off how to eat you out. If he won't, no more head.

    You haven't had sexual intercourse yet (right) so you're still playing by the rules. It'll be a white dress, with ivory gloves. :D

  • Pity is no way to start a marriage. You should both go out and get laid with a lot of other people first.

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