I want a married man

I have been in l*** with a married man for two years now. I think he has feelings for me too. He makes it very obvious that he is attracted to me through prolonged eye contact, smiles, soft spoken voice, preening,etc. How do I get him to take it to a physical relationship? His staring is killing me.

Oct 5, 2013

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  • i dont kno what your waiting for. f*** him.

  • ASK HIM FOR S**.

  • Amen!!!

  • You should definatly start making moves on this guy. You know he wants it, and he probably knows you want it too.

  • you didnt say if you were married too. your marital status might not change the outcome but it would change your approach to this man. like if your single he may worry that you dont have as much to lose as he does so he might need more convincing about how discreet your going to be. or like if your married he may be reluctant to make the first move because he might think your like TOTALLY unavailable to him when in fact you are TOTALLY available to him even though your married. i still think you can get him to make it physical because he seems to be hot for you but the way you go about getting him into your panties kinda depends on whether or not your married too.

  • So........WTF are you waiting for??? Tell him what you want to do to him. And then tell him what you want HIM to do to YOU. It's not, as they say, "rocket surgery". :)

  • Ask him to lunch: that's harmless enough. But go somewhere that you're highly unlikely to encounter other workers from your job . . . or his wife. Make it private and intimate. You don't need to be brazen or slutty: just let him relax and open up. Then, as the conversation evolves, make it evident that you're available for discreet fun, perhaps by recounting another time you've been an affair partner for a married guy, even making up such a liaison if needed. Just don't leave the restaurant without arranging to meet him again, whether or not it's for s**. If it's not for s**, then the next time should involve alcohol: get his guard down, and then make it clear to him that you want him.

  • Two years is waaaaay too long to wait for him to make the first move......so you make it. Good luck!

  • when you say his staring is killing you do you mean its killing you by making you uncontrollably wet that you cant stand it? tell him that and i think he will beg to fill you up with something even wetter. and i think you will like that. really like that.

  • The direct approach is often effective -- "I don't want to harm your marriage, I just want to f*** you ......... regularly, and a lot, and hard" -- though it has some obvious risk associated with it. But if he's already sending you messages, it may mean that he wants what you want but he either doesn't want to risk getting shot down or doesn't want to risk his wife discovering his l*** for you. So, show him that you're willing to take the first significant step, and you're willing to be discreet. It seems obvious he wants you, and you certainly want him, so ......... the two of you should be together. Period. Take the wife out of the equation, and behave toward him as if he were single, but just remind him that you don't care about his marriage and you won't do anything to injure it. Go get this man. Act like he's already yours .......... because he IS already yours. Go get him.

  • amen!!

  • Talk to him, but mostly listen to him. Make him talk to you, and primarily about himself. Make yourself an open door for him, and he WILL walk through it. And into your bed.

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