2 bad marriages makes me sick of women

How can a loving handsome guy , well educated making good money have such bad luck ? I do admit my first marriage was largely because of her beauty and body .

She was gorgeous , a tall blond , a mixture of Italian and French blood with a body good enough to make any woman jealous. But sometimes a woman can simply be too beautiful and every man that comes along will hit on her , soon she will be tempted enough and there goes the marriage .

In my case I was an officer in the military away on training never knowing her words were all lies in our last year of marriage . She had found a lover and could not resist the temptation of his looks charm and body . I was across the nation and so far away , it was so easy to lie to me . It hurt horribly when she finally admitted her affair .

I got out of the military and moved to Texas and found a great job and met another beautiful woman . She was a bit younger and had a little boy , I actually fell in love with her son before I did her . No one else had ever loved her son like I did . She had gotten pregnant and had her son out of Wedlock and she was struggling just to survive. She was taking some classes in Houston and I just happen to set by her in class . Dark skinned and dark eyes , her feminine beauty caught my eye. I asked her for a date and she accepted .

One thing after the other developed , mostly a great friendship and red hot passion . Her little boy was so precious , and now he had a male figure in his life to love him , we became best friends . We got married after about a year of dating and it appeared to be a beautiful experience for a long time . She was content , she had a handsome husband to love her and her son , I provided well with my job, and she did not have to work . She wanted more children and we had twins , a beautiful little girl and boy blessed our lives .

For about 6 years things were beautiful with my little family . Her oldest son adored me and I took him everywhere and did everything together , having a blast all over Texas. My dark skinned wife started her own business, a line of children's clothing , they sold big and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show on TV. My wife was a famous woman making money with her beautiful design of little girls dresses and outfits .

Then one night I overheard a conversation she was having with someone , she said it was a customer , but the conversation appeared to have a sexual tone . I questioned her because after my first wife cheated on me I highly suspect all women of cheating . I took her cell phone and downloaded 90 days of phone records , those records never go away , though most people think they do .
In 6 weeks she had sent over 7,000 messages to one of her lovers . I was devastated , but kept my cool , I knew needed more proof . I began researching using training I learned in the military and discovered her private email sites with messages to her lovers . I then put a voice activated Tape recorder under the seat of her Car and recorded her conversations with her lovers . Those conversations made me sick to my stomach , she was having sexual affairs with other men .

I questioned her and she denied everything , but I kept the evidence a secret . I then began calling her close friends, 3 of them openly admitted my wife has had lovers. Finally I told her what her friends told me , She grabbed the Tap recorder smashing it on the floor and then called the Police claiming I raped her , naturally it was all a lie . The cops came out and did nothing , my oldest son took up for me in front of the cops saying his mother was not telling the truth . The cops left with no charges filed.

I continued to press her for the truth , she refused to tell me and I continued to investigate . For sure I identified at least 2 lovers she had been steadily s******* for a long time .

Devastated it was time for me to leave her dark skinned ass . A second woman had cheated on me even after I took her in and married her and became a father to her child . I pushed her to go back with her stupid mother whom was so dysfunctional , she had no choice . She was determined to take me to court to get wife support , but Texas law prevented that and she got nothing . I do have to pay child support , but only for my two children .

She never allows me to see the two children except under extremely inconvenient times or under stress , with no support her clothing business went dead and she makes no money . She is basically miserable with no money and 3 children to raise , yet she refuses to allow me a normal relationship with my precious children .

I will never get married again after 2 women cheated on me . I have an excellent job and well educated and all women say I am very handsome, now I go through women like they are dirt and s**** all of them , and will never ask any for marriage .

Oct 5, 2013

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  • They say that before you can truly love another, you have to love yourself first. You're overdoing it just a little bit there, Chuck. It figures you keep going for looks over any actual quality, since your vanity demands that you only mate with women almost as pretty as yourself.

    Try growing up. Being a substitute daddy and an officer aren't enough in your case. Dig A LOT deeper. This may take the rest of your life, and you probably have more of that behind you than in front of you, so get busy!

  • both of your marriages ended up in divorce because you fell for their looks instead of their hearts and who they really were. i am not saying go out with mrs.ugly but looks tend to fade quickly and pretty much means nothing. Get to know someone longer. At the beginning everything is great and lovely. Then real life comes around and people show their true colors. I believe you can find your soulmate but your going to have to find a good women not a pretty women. Finding a good women its like a needle in a haystack but they still exist. Please relax on the s** before you end up with stds.

  • ^YUS

  • You going for beauty not brains or loyalty

  • If you can support your children and care for them, Take your ex to court and file for custody. Texas is one of the few states that will take the man's side.

  • This is why you should never get into a marriage with a woman. This is a sure way how they lock a man down, and for sum they use it as a financial trap against men. Be smart...don't give in to the next girl.

  • Too long.

  • I'm sorry for what happened to you not once, but twice. I can't blame you for protecting your heart and refusing to go after wife #3. There's only so much pain a man can take before he's had enough.

  • When it's self-inflicted pain, that "had enough" bullshit is a cop-out.

    Military officers don't take weak excuses from enlisted men, but this pansy thinks he can whine his way out of his poor life choices? I do not think so.

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