don't know why.......

.....but i am totally totally totally in love with lindsay lohan. i really just think she is perfect and that she would totally be the perfect wife. i really love everything about that girl. my freinds all say im nuts but still i totally love her.

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  • OP and all you other retards are just reinforcing the stereotype about dumb boys and the trainwrecks they think they stand any chance of ever banging.

  • Crazy as she is..I still have a thing for Miley Cyrus..And know a girl who looks like her..

  • Bella thorne bella thorne bella thorne

  • I've got it really really really really bad for Ariana Grande. OMMFG!

  • Meagan Fox.

  • Taylor Momsen.

  • For me, it's always Amanda Bynes. I mean, I know she's whacked out, but oh my dear sweet mother of CHRIST she is so beautiful and so f****** fine.

  • i love miley more than linsey.

  • Same here. Lindsey is just incredible!

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