Anyone else

Im male and i love sucking C***, im not gay and certainly couldnt kiss a guy, but damn i crave C***. I have an extremly sexy wife but i keep it a secret

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  • Wanting to suck c*** is not always a gay thing. Sometimes it's just l***.

  • Iam deffo not gay but wouldn't mind getting my c*** blown

  • Uh........ your gay.

  • There are plenty of guys in denial. Maybe your background makes admitting you are gay a problem? If you are a guy and want to suck d***, you are gay or Bi. Nothing wrong with that, but acknowledge it. It will make your life easier.

  • I am the same way I slowly came clean to my wife and she will now wear a strap on and she has came just from me sucking it she is great hope u r as lucky

  • I also enjoy working on a guy's c***. At first I was a bit shy about it, but truly like to be with another guy.

  • I know this reads strange, but I am straight. I dream of meeting another straight man in the gym sauna, and eventually sucking his c*** all the way down my throat ending in swallowing every bit of his c**. By rites, this would make us BOTH gay, but the thought of hugging, or kissing, or ass f******, makes me sick. I just want the sucking thing.


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