I fell for you. <3

I think I'm in love with you. Every time I see you, I feel jittery
. Usually, when I talk to guys I like, I stutter and get really nervous, but with you, talking is easy. You brighten my day by smiling at me. Your gorgeous eyes and handsome face are only a bonus. I wish you were mine to love, but I'm too afraid to tell you. One day, I hope to tell you hoe passionately I feel for you.

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  • Don't be a little b****, TELL HIM. life is too short and #You Only Live Once

  • I facepalmed when I read this. *how, not hoe. It's not as easy for me to confess my feelings. So many things get in the way of it.

  • Awwwww... Here's what you do. Arrange to spend some time with him, just the two of you. Like a date but you'll call it 'hanging out'. Then towards the end of the 'date' confess that you really like him and want to spend more time with him. (If he doesn't seem to 'get it' then say "No, I mean I REALLY like you.") Then lean in real close, put your face an inch way from his, and kiss him.

  • You should tell him when you've a chance , don't hesitate for too long , he'll disappeared before you notice

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