I need morals

My new girlfriend have been together for about a month and a half now, today her brother came with us to the mall. When we got home she took a nap while him and I went to the basement to play GTA. During the game her brother threw a pillow at me and we started wrestling. He bent me over the couch and i could feel "him" on me. He leaned over and whispered to me "I want you so bad", he knows Im bi and these ppl at school used to call me a "Cherry Chaser" now they call me a "Booty Bandit", he was like "I want to f*** you before my sister does". I usually cheat on my girlfriends with this guy I used to work with and a few girls but i was tryin to be different this time but my d*** got so hard, i felt a wet spot on the from of my prants, he reached around and grabbed my d*** he said "Ill take that as a yes." He pulled my sweats down and spit in my whole and few times and stroked me rough and strong for 45mins. Then he bust all in my ass. Just as he finished my girlfriend came down and saw him pulling out she broke up with me. What should I do?


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  • Yea admit you love the c*** and if you let guys f*** you without a condom you could get aids ...which stands for a*** injected death sentence lol.

  • Admit you love the c*** and can't really do without it?

  • What should you do?

    Take this as a learning experience; get a new girlfriend that may be open to guy, girl, guy threesomes the odd time and meet your bi needs in that matter (or a boyfriend that would enjoy a girl with you); stop cheating on your partners; and stop letting guys s**** you without a condom.

  • Just say it was rape... You couldn't stop him

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