I will go to Australia and if there is a miracle I will see you J

I'm a 20 years old Vietnamese girl , this is the 1st time I write a confession . I decided to write it out because I hope if their is someone read , they will not make the same mistake as I did .

Couple years ago , before my university's entrance test I've to attend English class to improve my skills . At the beginning of the course , I was busy a bit so I absented 2 days : one writing and one speaking . So I attended another class ( with same study's process as mine ) to make it up . In the writing class , everything was fine , nothing special to remind . But in the speaking class , I've met my Mr.special . I remember that day I went to class very early , and I chose the seat in the corner . I was sitting their , little chat with the guy next to me and he appeared . As soon as he coming , I couldn't stop looking at him . That was a really strange feeling , everyone around suddenly disappeared , as if the whole universe only surrounded him . He was my speaking teacher for that day , he's Australian , at that time he introduced he 23 years old thus he is 6 years older than me . He's really tall , and handsome , with deep blue eyes . I even remember that day he was wearing a blue shirt . The thing I should remember is his name , which I completely forgot , only know that it begin with letter " J " .

During the class , I kept silently looking him and he did smile at me couple times . And my heart was beating like crazy and as a result I acted like a idiot .
After that class , I've seen him around school couple times , he said " hi " and asked me some polite normal question but instead of being open with him , I avoided him .Another time when he was smoking and I walk by , he hurriedly jump in and say " hi " with a big smile but one more time I let him down , only smile slightly and kept walking . Because there was punch of girl play around him , every times he start to speak with me , girls appeared , I couldn't do anything but walk away . On the other hand , I was in relationship at that time , so despite all the feeling I've for him , I chose to shut it down and avoid him . Several weeks later , he disappear completely . I did try to find him in teacher office by asking some others but no one knew because I could even give them his name .

And now , after years I still can't forget that feeling , that sparkle gazing whenever I look at him . Maybe I've mistakenly him , but , I still want to keep those memories as mine precious treasure . And I've learned a lesson that if I ever have that feeling with anyone else I won't let it go , I'll catch it and try all my best even if lose or win , apparently still better than regret because of do nothing .

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  • You really need to realize that you have no future with this guy. You don't even remember his name. He is in another country. You will never see him again. That feeling you got came from something about him that attracted him to you. You will feel that again with someone else, believe me. You just need to open yourself up to it. Keep the memories but always remember they are in the past.

  • It's a painful thing that you've experienced, but it seems to me that you have taken away the right lesson, and for that, I applaud you and encourage you. You're very intuitive and intelligent, and those are increasingly rare attributes. Good luck to you.

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