i'm emo and im afraid to tell my best

i'm emo and im afraid to tell my best friend in the whole world , she really hurts my feelings when she puts down emos and somestimes i try not to cry, try to ignore her or dont say anything...

what should i do....

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  • You can get this sorted with help great treatment available now u can recover live a half normal life

  • Talk to ur dr u are going mad


  • I am the original creator of this confession... I would also like to point out that i have a chode.

  • i like to s** my w***


  • Quote "emo is a w*****"

    Where can i buy one of these "Emo's" ?

  • Emo is a w*****.

  • wtf is emo? I been hearing the word, and still have no idea what it means???!!?!?!?!?

  • hahahaha there are too many emos in the world hopefully the whole "emo" phase will blow over

  • F** alert!! Your an emo so do us a favour and kill yourself.

  • im commenter #5 yes that is how it started its a bit different now though. It's type of music, style and will often have to do with emotions.

  • emo is in fact a phase that started with music in the 80's. it died in the 80's and then it got revived. once it revived it became post emo and it was nothing but a style of clothing now. emotions don't neccesarily define it, but sometimes they do. i agree with the second comment though.

  • LMAOF !!!

    F** alert !!

  • F** Alert !!=

    Stupid and immature.

  • shut up emos are frickin awesome! by the way to the 3rd sommenter actually emo is a style not a phase lol its wat kinda music u like and other likes and things and just because ppl are emo doesnt mean they are really sad i mean some tend to but not all. Plus u cant really blame them for they way they feel life does kinda suck and im not emo.

  • Emo =

    F** Alert !!

  • I agree with the second poster, but I also want to add that being emo is a phase. You sound pretty young, I'm guessing junior high or even high school, and the emo thing really catches on with kids around that age group. It passes. Once you become an adult you'll see things differently, so don't let how you feel emotionally define who you are - try to stay open and not take things too seriously... in a few years you'll see it didn't matter as much as it seemed to. :)

  • tell her exactly how you feel. you are who you are, and your friend should accept that

  • stop being emo

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