Disgusted by my GF's body

Ever since she had a baby, her gut has gotten bigger and bigger. But there she was jamming French fries in her face complaining that she can't lose weight. I am in shape, take care of myself, try to eat right but she doesn't even try to exercise. She still smokes and it is starting to show in her skin tone. I am h**** but find her sexually repulsive.

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  • Just don't look at it then. get a mirror and look at yourself all day instead.

  • The two comments before mine are really good advise, you should be gentlely encouaging her and loving her for the person she is on the inside and not so much l****** for the body she once had but you sound like a little boy(eww thats ugly I don't want that now.) why don't you grow your ass up and show some respect and concideration for this woman who carried and went though the pain to delivery this beautiful child of yours....

  • You say she had "a" baby, is this baby not yours? Regardless, pregnancy and age changes a woman's body. She also may be dealing with post partum depression and lack of sleep. Which probably makes her want to eat more. So as much as she wants to get back into shape, working out is the furthest thing from her mind. What you can do is to encourage change and support her in her efforts. On weekends, suggest that the three of you take a walk/hike. During the week, if you eat right - be the lead and prepare meals together. Smoking - tell her it concerns you and maybe she'll be more inclined to quit. Men can take off weight much quicker then women. Be sensitive to her maybe even plan a trip as a goal for her to work towards. But let the goal be hers, not yours.

  • dude make her feel good, ok she's eating like that cause she feels bad and your doing nothing... show her how much you care by giving her positive reinforcement and don't just say it show it and let her feel it...

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