I don't want to tell some friend that I have BF

I have a boy friend, he stayed with me for about 3 years. I took him to see my parents last months. I think we will get married someday in following 2 year.
My workmates all know I have boy friend, I told them.

But, my schoolmates in university have no idea about this. they all think I'm single all the time.
Girls in my dormitory don't know, either.

I lied to them.


I think, to some male friend, especially handsome ones, If I'm single, I can get closer to them. But I believe, if they said they love me, I'll not be together with them. So I want kind of ambiguous relationship?

to females, I guess I just think maybe they will think my boy friend is not good enough. I don't like this feeling. or me, muself, thinks my boy friend is not good enough, I don't want them know?

I don't know, really.

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  • If ur f**** a girl dont tell her

  • You only get 1 life....don't settle. If you dont think your boyfriend is good enough..dont marry him. He will never live up to the ideal boyfriend/husband...he'll be disappointed as will you. If you care about him save him the future pain you will cause..and just leave him. Its not fair to stay with someone just because its safe.

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