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So I play Xbox and computer games and go to websites like this and whenever I talk to a girl on xbox or see one on here I just assume they are going to be like really obese and unattractive. I really would like to know if I am completely wrong or not but for some reason that's just imprinted into my brain that if a girl plays a lot of xbox or computer games she is probably really unattractive and obese. Am I right?

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  • I have a daughter who plays xbox all the time. She s gorgeous. She plays with the neighbours daughter, and she s also quite pretty. They're not supermodels, but I seriously doubt you wouldn't get turned on by seeing them with their xbox headgear on.

  • Mind Blown.... (I posted this)

  • F*** you for bashing chubby chicks.

  • U fat bro?

  • U stupid bro?

  • Not really man there are so many attractive gamers out there, online they wish to be treated like any normal gamer.

    On a side note is as 28 going out with a gorgeous 18 year old and she played Tekken online and I introduced her to Dc universe online and when she was over at my house she would play it and she pretty much played it naked all the time. If half the guys knew that they wouldn't be able to concentrate

  • I'm a girl and similar to you I play a lot of cmoputer games and go on websites like this. I am not fat, I ride horses, I do Archery and a few other sports and I'm sure other girls who play video games will say the same. I'm not sure if people see me as pretty cuz I sure as h*** don't but my friend's who I play video games with, they're all really pretty.

  • Well you should ask yourself if the same is true of guys who play a lot of xbox or computer games.

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