So my friend has a boyfriend. We've

So my friend has a boyfriend. We've only talked over the phone and over AIM once or twice. Anywho, he confided in me over AIM that he's now "cheating" on my friend and he felt really bad about it- and to top things off, it was with one of her/my friends. He doesn't know what to do.
I told him that I had a "gut feeling" -like the many that I have- that the girl that he was cheating on from my friend was going to tell my friend what was going on. She was going to ask him if it was true, and he'd say yes, but he'd apologize quickly and the two would make up.
What should I tell him to do? I didn't want to tell him that she was thinking about saying no and just dropping him... I think she's going to be "on the fence", so-to-speak.

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  • Tel him if he wants ur ass its avail

  • Tell your friend. If I was her, I would want to know. Did you save the chat log? Show her if she doesn't believe you!

  • Why spoil his fun let em f***

  • If this is really your "friend," let the situation play itself out. No need to get involved and accrue some unnecessary karma of getting involved when it's not your business. If this is you, then you seem to know what to do. That's why you're covering it as your "friend."

  • Please tell your friend right away. Don't worry about telling her boyfriend what he needs to do. Your friend will find out eventually that her boyfriend & a friend (the other woman) were betraying her---she will be devastated and need YOU. If she finds out that you were 'helping' this j*** by giving him advice, she will feel betrayed by you as well. Just focus on being a good friend to HER, not him. Also, you should be careful chatting with a guy who is already cheating on your friend with another one of your friends. He may have ulterior motives in seeking out your advice, meaning he might see this as an opportunity to get close to you. Then you could end up mixed up with this guy too. Be careful & good luck to you. :)

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