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I was away from my wife for work trianing in a larger city . So at the end of the day when we called and said our goodnights , I went to the adult novelty store and went to the theaters in back . I found a guy touching himself in one room and asked to join him .I went in locked the door behind me . He fully exposed himself (Wow he was large ) and I gave him oral pleaseres ,after he realesed his desire I swallowed .he got dressed and left . I dont feel guity or that I cheated on my wife .It was more like helping someone out as well as myself and desires . I will probly do this again in the future when the time comes around again.My wife and I have had recent troubles and this more of what I will do if we decide the marrage is over .

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  • You should probably see a shrink if you think blowing another dude in the grossest of places is not cheating. Meanwhile your wife is probably just saying goodnight to get rid of you while a straight black guy's d*** is in her ass. Not in the p**** so its not cheating.

  • Wow cant belive it , If my truth offended you why continue to read my post .You were probly clinching your bible while writing your comment. Just to let you know if she is f****** someone else regardless of race , I am happy for her , I wish she would tell me the details because that is hot . Oh and another I let a guy f*** me in the ass , it hurt a little , but I enjoyed it .

  • That is so sexy, I'd love you to suck my c*** and them I suck yours till you s**** in my mouth

  • Thats no fun , your taking away my enjoyment of oraly pleasing you .

  • I'd be more than happy for you to just suck me off and swollow my s**** and I walk away, letting you swallow xx

  • It has been awhile when I posted this so yea others have walked away afterwards , and yes I swallowed it . To be honest most men that done this for are married most likly or straight acting . Only one acted kinda creepy and kept insisting we do a*** , but I am sure that was only his desires . Its not like I do this all the time b ecause I am still married

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