I did it!!

My wife and I have been married for 20+ years, I wanted to have a MMF with her she picked my 1st cousin. He was all up for it, we all went out drinking and after awhile came back to our house and the party started. After a while the wife was worn out and went to sleep, I walked downstairs with cousin to dress and let him out, I saw his d*** was still hard and could not stop myself. I sat on the sofa and he f***** my mouth and I loved it. I want to tell my wife that I like sucking d*** I just dont know how??

Mar 30, 2011

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  • My wife loves MFM threesomes

  • I have been in the same situation and sucked his c*** and then went down on my wife.

  • Idk about the cousin thing but if it were someone you wont see anymore i could see the excitement...

  • Maybe you would enjoy having him give it to you from behind. You know the size. Are you afraid of the size or of starting to like it too much?

  • No he is BULLSHIT, the punk

  • ^^ im guessing that you think this is bullshit :/

  • ***************************BULLSHIT******************************************************

  • this is funny as s***... didn't you forget the part about your wife sharing a double d**** session with your grandmother?

  • WOW, I'd like to see that!!!

  • This is very simular o what happened to my wife and I. It worked out to be very unique though. My wife likes to f*** several men double and even triple penetration. Now she does that while I watch and I also suck the men to keep them hard for her. When I can I get in there and eat her p**** so I can suck all of their c** out of her. This has made us closer than ever.

  • My wife talked me into watching her and a lesbian friend. Then she wanted me and another husband to watch her and the other wife have s**. That was fine until she told me I could f*** the other women if he could f*** her. Took some time to process and I finally agreed. Fast forward a few years and I guide the other guys c**** in my wife p****. My favorite position is on my back with my wife over me doggy in a 69 and licking the bottom of the guys c*** as it goes in and out her p****...and then pulls it out for me to suck their juices off. When I do this my c*** gets like a piece of steel and when I blow its so intense its like electricity running the bottoms of my feet, I gasp for air and my body qivers as I can blow c** several feet.

  • What you are is a cuckold. Look it up. There are lots of sites all about the life style. I know because I am a cuckold too.

  • Threesomes, incest, cheating and coming out.. great!

  • shoulda just circle jerked.

  • That cousin is one stud, still hard after helping f*** your wife into submission. Next time the three of you hook up tell her you're going to need to help keep that boy satisfied. She should understand.

  • I would say to just waite until the next three some and just do it in front of her.

  • I agree with this person shell be turned on by the site

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