I bought beer for my son and his

I bought beer for my son and his friends a few times when they were seniors in highschool as long as they drank it at my house and didnt drive anywhere. I liked being the cool mom. He graduated last summer and I did it two times since then for them. The 2nd time was this past weekend. I never drank with them before but did this time. I drank too much.

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  • You need a kick in the t***.Underaged kids should never drink as their bodies are not even full grown and equipped to process the alcohol.You might have done permanent damage trying to be the cool Mom.You really are a dumb c*** who violated the law.Are you going to kill yourself when your son becomes an alcoholic or just smile kowing you started him off right and looked "cool" while doing it?

  • You're kidding, right? "Underage kids"? Did you notice the part where it said he was a senior in high school? Get a grip. It's just beer, not Everclear. I got my first drink at 14, and it was in a safe environment in my home from my parents, who were supervising me. Much rather kids do something like that, have a little nip now and then at home, than get curious and go find a hole in the wall club to drink god knows what from random strangers!

  • Youre a fine parent. Youre just lettin the kid live a little. wish my mom was like you.

  • Original Poster: This is a confession site. People have the freedom to have opinions about your behavior, and there is nothing you are gonna say to change their minds. Personally, I believe what you did is fine. I am 19, and growing up, the party was always at my house cause my mom was cool with us drinking, and I have never done anything dangerous, or irresponsable while drunk cause I was at home! But, you keep answering these people back as if you are trying to justify what you did, and you don't have to!

  • ok?

  • or at least have s** with his friends if ur not in to incest

  • u should have s** with ur son and his friends

  • OP: I didn't realize that was what it ment. Puts our conversation in anotehr light.

  • mother i'd like to f*** = milf...
    f****** a milf is awesome !!

  • OP: Thanks for that at least. It was that social more that made me feel like I should feel guilty which made me post it first. Just becasue many people/society would think I was doing something wrong made me think it too for a little bit and I really don't. I say it here, but not in my public life of course other than the obvious involved. Now, I'm dealing with the slight embarrassment of knowing I was not as discrete as I first though since my son admitted to having actually seen me with his friend in the other room. By the way, do you/anyone know what milf (MILF) means?

  • well ok then.
    glad your son isn't freaked out by it.
    carry on.

    oh, and i only called it illicit because, according to common social mores, it is. i wasn't commenting on the morality of it by calling it 'illicit'--i just meant that, in terms of socially acceptable behavior, its a little on the forbidden side. but that's beside the point. social mores are malleable and usually retarded anyway.

  • OP: I've really thought about this over the past week and though I appreciate a few of the comments some of the others just show how biased society is toward women. I don't see why what I did is considered illicit. I also had a long talk with my son last night and he filled in a few gaps by telling me what he saw. When I asked if he was embarrassed by me he said no, he was just a little surprised because he had never seen me in such a mood before. When I asked what his friends thought or if they said anything to him since then, he told me since I only messed with the one, his best friend, the other 2 didn't really know something took place between us, only they had really spoken to each other about it and though he didnt elaborate too much he left me with the impression he was happy for his friend, not mad at him and that its not the kind of thing either intends to tell others about so I didn't need to worry about it. I am not looking for a relationship and neither is his friend, but I'm not opposed to maybe a bit more fun before his friend leaves in a few weeks if the situation arises again as it might. Sorry if that upsets some, but its exciting and I think I am due some fun before another long dry spell.

  • Your a wonderful parent, next time see if they want to be introduced to drugs, like crack, coke, krink, etc. etc.

  • to the op...
    i think the question of whether or not you were wrong to do this (if these guys are legal adults) boils down to whether or not it would bother your son to know that you've been f****** around with his friends.
    social taboos are silly, as far as i'm concerned. but you SHOULD be cautious about potentially causing psychological or emotional damage to your child.

    you should probably try to work out why you need these younger kids to make you feel good about yourself though. and takes steps to make sure that you can learn to become the kind of person who can feel fun, beautiful and desirable in ways that are more meaningful than these kinds of illicit relationships.

  • OP: If no one knows about it, and so far my secrets are stil secret, why would he be? Do you or your neighbors have no secrets or are you aware of everything they do behind closed doors, and they are aware of your secrets? I don't plan on telling anyone in real life and though we haven't spoken too much about last weekend specifically...he does not seem embarrassed at all. I never claimed to be a perfect mom in those first 17 years, but the last 2 have not made me any worse of one. Last Saturday night was unusual even for me but I don't know why I should feel guilty or why he should be embarrassed.

  • Look at your responses OP. I would be embarrassed to be your son.

  • i get what ur saying about the fooling around bit there are 45 yr old men that do 16 yr old girls, thats kinda gross in my opinion.

  • im last poster- yeah thats a good point if they're gonna be shooting people and be at risk of getting killed and stuff but they cant drink alcohol? If ur gonna be taking adult responsibilities, not that im saying its right but they are going to war. One thing though becareful what u do with these kids which i think u will. Also i totally agree with u about society and everything. :)

  • my brother drank when he was 17 and my parents knew about it, to op theres a lot worse parents have done i dont think ur a horrible parent atleast u knew about it and u made sure they were home with u and not driving, im 15 i dont drink but my a couple of my friends started last year. theres parents that have done a lot worse.

  • OP: ammend to say drink beer at home when 17- once, 18- twice, 19- twice. I only drank with them once- this last time.

  • OP: Illegal and responsible are two different things. Two things I don't believe in are this war and on-demand abortion and yet both are legal. Dumb. Drinking some beer at 17 at home where it is safe is illegal. Dumb. Pierce your nose, tongue and eyebrows and tatoo your face all you want, but don't smoke that joint. It's ok for a then 35 year old man to have s** with an 18 year old girl, but society thinks it taboo for a now 40 year old woman to want to fool around with 19 year old men that want to fool around with her.

    Fine. Next time I will do it sober.

  • ^^not OP^^

  • OP:b**** you need to get a life and stop bringing me down yes I like to have fun but no I DONT THINK IM A BAD PARENT!!! and thats all that matters

  • It doesn't matter if it's morally right or wrong, the fact is that it's illegal, and that makes you irresponsible as a citizen. If you're willing to break a law meant to protect people like your son and his friends, then what other laws are you going to be willing to break later?
    And I'm not some stuffy old person saying this, I'm in the grade below your son and I think it's stupid.

  • Ok--
    I get you!

  • OP: No, they do not need to drink to feel better and that wasn't really the point of my post though it seems to have been taken that way. I don't personally agree with the drinking age limit/war on drugs which is why I have been somewhat liberal when it comes to allowing my son and by proxy his 3 friends to party here occasionally because they are adults. I only bought alcohol for them a total of 5 times in about 2 years and the last 2 times was this past weekend and at New Years a few months ago.
    The post was really about my feelings for them because I see them as adult men. Socializing like that is not a bad thing and that was all it was really until maybe this weekend because I drank with them and I drank too much. It was that situation which is on my mind.

  • I hate this war too but do they need to drink to feel better? What is that saying? You can't have a good time without a drink? Aren't there other things they need to learn at this age that you can teach them that has nothing to do with alcohol?
    Don't we want to teach this generation that they can handle whatever it is that life throws them-(-and live will toss them some pretty big ones)--that they can learn to be and grow strong and independent and not need or rely on any substance to get through whatever situation life presents to them?
    We have got to find more POSITIVE ways as a society to help our young people.
    I'm not saying you're a bad person at all. I don't think you are. But I think the fact that you posted here says that this is on your mind and I could be wrong but it does not seem as though you're so happy with the situation.

  • OP: I was all of those things and a good example for 17 years, but now they are adults and I am one too, so what is the difference now except the social taboos? It isn't like all they do is hang out here and party. They all have jobs and two are going into the military very soon. I hate this war and fear for them, but if they can go do that stuff I see no reason why they can't drink here and if they make me feel pretty and desirable- all the better. The 3rd is moving away to school next month. My son is considering the military too because his friends are leaving. I don't want him to go much less his friends, but especially him. When his friends aren't here he doesn't drink much (weekends) and my rule of not going anywhere still applies if he does.

    It's all a game anyway in some respects whether its guys my age or guys their age now excpet most guys my age are demanding and rude/dismissive after a while. These guys are anything but rude to me. I don't see how that is a bad thing and why I'm bad for liking it.

  • You need to be an example and you know this. There is a time in one's life for everything--and you need your own friends. You are mother and parent! You don't need to be your kids friend. They have their own friends!
    And doing the right thing by your kid is COOL! It's actually the best!

  • she's a great person !!

  • OP: Why? They are going to drink and party anyway. At least here they aren't on the road or out getting into other trouble. Besides, they are grown men now and I don't think that is a bad thing at all. I just got a little carried away this weekend. Why can't I have some fun sometime instead of always having to be 'responsible'?


  • OP: F*** you, and it is you're. None of his friends are a******* like you are- d***. Maybe I like the attention they give me and maybe it isn't so wrong to let them give it too me. I posted this because I wasn't sure if I was right to feel the guilt I was feeling yesterday because of what I did with one or two. I don't fully remember but I don't feel guilty.

  • Your a great person !

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