I'm a black girl (well, okay, mixed)

I'm a black girl (well, okay, mixed) with a hot little body... cute, perky little butt, perfect t***, nice smile, nicy bouncy hair, great personality. Guys of all kinds hit on me because I'm fun to be around and pretty. My problem is, guys with girlfriends always hit on me. I'm not looking to be a homewrecker! And I'm sorry if your girlfriend isn't exotic enough for you... not my problem!

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  • Wow, with an attitude like that, I bet no one likes you. You are nothing but a conceited little b****. I hope someone puts you in your place one day. Oh and by the way, I knew plenty of girls like you in highschool, and most of them got pregnant. No ,atter how pretty you think you are, your personality makes you very ugly, and guys would rather have a cool down-to-earth girl, than a bitchy supermodel.

  • Ur up yourself

  • Lol hahahah I agree she's probably the most discusting thing ever and just describing what she oneday dreams to look like. I bet ur an ugly s*** aye, who's wif me?

  • she think she all that. I bet she either lyin and she is ugly, or she IS a homewreaker.

    ~Black boy and black girl~

  • define your perfect t*** please...in great detail.
    large or small nipples/areola, cup size, color shading...?

    I agree...yum

  • mmmm hot little mixed black girls...yum

  • ^^ llllllllloooooolllllllllll
    aaawwww man i lliterally in tears right now!! ^^

  • Can i shove a c*** in your ass and pull on your horse weave oopps i mean natural hair..

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