My bathing suit top fell off at the beach

My bathing suit top fell off at the beach and my b****** were in full view of at least six guys. I felt so embarrassed I left the beach with my girlfriend who thought it was funny and said I made those guys' day with my breast show. I'm ashamed to say sometimes I think about that day and I get aroused. Maybe I'm abnormal or a closet exhibitionist. I hope not.

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  • Arousal by being seen nude is absolutely normal not only for single but for married persons seen nude by others than their spouses. Wearing a skin tight bathing suit other than for swimming competition purposes is exhibitionism. More women than men do it but you see some speedoes out ther as well. I observe how my wife likes to be seen and understand human nature. In spite of the devoted spouse she is she cannot help liking it when other persons but particularly men see her. She gets aroused, her nipples harden and she can’t hide it. She’s 51 now and is still the same. She likes to be seen and I like it too. We recently took a trip to Cancun and both put our skin tight bathing suits to walk around the pool. We both enjoyed being seen almost naked. Actually I also enjoyed how she liked it being seen in her seamless skin colored bathing suit.

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  • When she was a teacher, my hot older sister had her top yanked off at a state park one Summer when we were there tanning. They were chatting with her, then, one stood behind her while the other pulled off her bikini top. She took it in stride, said they probably wanted to see her t*** for years anyway, and, not like they'd get any further with her. She left her top off to tan. I found it hilarious and arousing.

  • Be glad that the bottom didn't fall off.

  • Perv!

  • I regret I missed the show.

  • No, you are not strange at all. It's normal for a person to feel aroused at the thought of others viewing the personal, parts of your body. It is a natural response, for mating, and also psychological. Our society has dubbed certain things 'taboo'. Nudity is one of them. So If you saw an attractive man walking around naked swinging pipe, then you may get aroused, same goes for the reverse. Make that attractive guy the viewer of your b******, you get hot because, it's 'wrong', 'it shoudnt be like this'. I be honest, I kind of get a stiffy myself if a girl is even TALKING about interacting with a p****, weather its mine or not. Its strange, I know, but the human body/brain is very strange, itself. I hope that KInda put your mind at ease.

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