I"m 20 years old and I've never been in

I"m 20 years old and I've never been in a relationship. I've never even kissed someone. I'm beginning to get really worried that I'm going to be alone forever and be one of those cat ladies.

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  • Same here, 16 and have never had a boyfriend!

  • lmao. . .cat lady!

  • i'm srry if you feel like i was trying to say i wrote this i was just comment and letting some one know y i feel the way i do about never having a g/f at the age of 20

  • no one else is say they wrote this i'm saying i'm a 20 guy would never been kissed and i answer ppl comments on to y i'm upset about never being in a relationship

  • wow. i'm def the GIRL who wrote this and i like MEN. I dunno who this guy is saying he wrote it but he didn't...

  • anymore comments

  • to make it worst i have no self-esteem so there a couple of girls i like who come in to my work and i like and are nice to me but i will never try to see if they like because i think no girl will ever like me again i say again because my friend did 7 years ago i didn't get her hints but my friend to me she told him if i asked her out she would have said yes with suck because i liked her an i'm never saw her again

  • u can't curse out ur boss or your co-workers

  • Take your time so you don't end up with someone like these lil stupid jerks on this site that have nothing better to do than write stupid sh** all day!
    Wait on someone good for you and even better to you!

  • well if anyone says to u that ur gay just cuz u hang out with guys (guys have guy friends, usually guys just hang out with guys it int gay) tell them to f*** off.

  • i see nothing wrong with u guys and not being kissed or anything i think its way freakin better than having slept with like 20 ppl before anyway dont u?

  • Are you ugly and/or fat? Or just not desperate enough?

  • yeah but since i main hang out with other guys people think i'm gay and i'm not i love women but no girl liked as liked me expect for one when i was 14 and i didn't pick up on her hints then when i was 15 and changed school my friend told me that she like me

  • You guys are young. Don't rush it, the right person will come and it will all flow. I didn't get into my 1st serious relationship until I was 22 and out of college. That's when you begin to understand what you want in life. Although we will never fully know you get a better understanding as time goes on.

  • Same here. I'm only 17 and already have more pets than I've had boyfriends.

  • omg i have an insane crazy cat lady friend shes cool but crazy, nothing bad about cat ladies when someones on ur property u can through cats out of ur hair at them.

  • ok so i'm not the only one out there thats not had a relationship and never been kiss at 20 years I tought i was freak cuz i never had a girl

  • Cat ladies are cool. They are interesting to talk to. Aside from that, what is keeping you from hooking up with a guy?

  • Can i f*** you ?

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