I have a crush on a girl who comes in

I have a crush on a girl who comes in to my work she is so hot and i want to see if i can go out with her but i think it would be weird for a clerk to hit on a girl, she is at least 18 so she is legal i'm only 20 but it still seems weird

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  • Some people on this website are either very sarcastic or they're freaks.

  • ask her if she wants to see a dead body. This is always a good ice breaker. the only thing is, if she says yes, then you have to find a dead body somewhere. i prefer the city morgue. pick one that is fresh without too much disfiguration so she doesn't get too grossed out. then stash the body somewhere in the woods and take her out to see it. bring along a blanket and picnic. it could be so romantic.

  • ^stop commenting on your own confession

  • i'm not sure but thats how i feel inside don't know why i have 0 self-esteem and it stops me from trying to do alot of things sometimes cuz i fell i can't even tho i probably could

  • r u sure tahts what its saying?

  • ok never mind dont trust ur gut... in this case anyway.

  • well my gut says i can never get any girl no matter how hard i try i have 0 self-esteem

  • go with ur gut.

  • plz give me advice

  • i mean i like girl i'm not sure y i mean i didn't feel this way towards in high school when i first saw her, she old 2 year older then me so it ain't that bad but i don't know what to do

  • does that mean anything plz comment or give me more advice

  • i mean does it mean anything that if i say hello she smiles and says it back and if my co-worker has no one on line and i have no one on line she'll pick me

  • 2 years older then me*

  • the one that is 2 years old then me today come in to buy a pack of smokes and i handed them to my co-work and she said see he know and i said hi and she smile and said hi back does this mean anything at all

  • anymore advice

  • ok i mean when she sees me in the store she says whats up and everything

  • Tell her she looks pretty? Yeah thats a good idea but I wouldnt go too fast if i were u though, smile at her see if she smiles back, doesnt have to be coffee could be tea lol hot chocolate or something, even just lunch or something. I suggest if u can somehow talk to her and find out clues of her interests.

  • should i tell her she likes pretty or something

  • anyone else got advice

  • no it wouldn't shut up

  • i'm telling you beastiliaty will work !!

  • well i work a conveince store so i make the coffee clean the floor and work checkout and if thier is no one online and i'm working checkout at the moment then she will come to me, i don't like coffee so i can't go out an get a cup or something anymore ideas

  • aww ur one of those shy guys! ok well dont make it obvious that ur flirting with her if she has a bf just be nice talk to her just say hi, really the only thing u can do is talk to her after awhile ask her out for a cup of coffee or something doesnt have to be a fancy dinner or anything, if shes got a bf shell just say oh im sorry i got a bf or something, r u like a checkout person or something? if so how do u know of her does she always go theough ur checkout line thats a good sign if she does.

  • plz ppl comment and give me some advice i have never had a g/f and i'm 20

  • anyone else got any comments or advice

  • like what how should i start its a convenice store

  • try small talk, things about the job, become more comfortable with the talking to her. it will most likely happen naturally, just make yourself comfortable. she will let you know if she is taken.

  • like how should i flirt i don't know if she as a b/f or anything like that and there is another 2 years older then me. I never really flirted i'm shy and the one girl i liked was in to heavy metal and stuff so it was easy for me to talk to her i have no clue what these to like

  • hmm im not sure why it seems weird to u seems perfectly fine to me, maybe flirt a lil she might be the one to ask u out if u do be nice to her.

  • no u sicko she wouldn't will some one else please talk and if she does like it i don't like anymore

  • But she'll love it !!
    Trust me!!

  • stupid up you moron can anyone but this beastliality freak give me advice

  • Ask her if she's into beastliality and introduce her to it.
    Trust me she'll love it.

  • please comment i need advice

  • i don't know what to do

  • Do what you do play

    -Dat N****

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