Iv slept with 12 guys in 4 years. Half

Iv slept with 12 guys in 4 years. Half of them were non-relationships.

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  • Ok, actually that is not really a lot. . . only 3 guys a year, so about 1 every 4 months!

  • Thats not too bad. . .dont worry

  • k i dont think u should just have fun and just s**** guys whenever doesn't anybody have morals? lol.

  • yes i agree society is so s** crazed.

  • are you all serious??? That's only 3 guys each year. I agree with the comment that says have fun but be safe from STD's. I hate that if a guy said this he would be "the man" but a girl is considered a w****. AND that fact that girls call other girls whores. Girls need to stop hating on each other. All you who call this girl some hateful word sucks huge b****. sweetie 3 guys in 1 year is nothing. Keep doing what youre doing, and have fun...but be "clean" about it>> "no glove no love"

  • Why does everyone here act as though this person is so "unusual". Give me a break. Today's society is hosed up. Half of the adult population has had multiple s** partners. Get off your high horses and leave this girl alone. While I wouldn't recommend this lifestyle, it's hardly abnormal you hypocrites.

  • Do you love your body? Why are you hurting yourself this way?

  • can i be 13?

  • What corner do YOU work on?

  • from both...mostly neutral

  • I'm curious if your confession is from shame or pride?

  • Don't feel bad hun! Men do it all the time. Now I will advise you to slow down and be careful just to avoid icky STD's. Have fun, just be safe and cautious.

  • can i f*** you ?

  • I bet your real proud of yourself you human toilet!
    Your mother should ashamed to have given birth to such
    human waste.

  • C***!

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