Two faces of white people

White people are hypocrites, they smile in front of you and stab behind your back. I don't understand why they treat people like that. They are so fake. At least non whites are real. White people think they are superior. They treat non white as inferior.

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  • I can understand what you mean. But everyone is different.

  • Black folks are just as bad. In fact they are worse. On one hand you want more protection from law enforcement but on the other hand when a police officer has to defend him or ehrself or make an arrest you blacks raise H*** about it. You blacks commit more crimes of all descriptions than ony other race in America and here you have the damn gall to say how sorry whites are.

    Get a life angry black guy. Keep your nose clean and maybe you can stay out of prison.

  • You seem racist against Black people!!
    The OP mentioned White people and you jumped on the Black race wagon!! Why jump to that conclusion quickly? Did the OP specify their race?! I think not! There are numerous racial groups in the world, besides Black and white, you f****** idiot!!!

  • >>"The OP was racist against White people

    Fixed it for you. Now settle down and shut your foolish virtue signaling mouth.

  • Everyone is different, regardless of race.

  • After high school I worked at a hotel as a housekeeper. The laundry lady was a black lady named Carla and she was by far the most two-faced person I've ever met and she had it out for one of thr vietnamese sisters that worked the third floor, Le. One day I was dropping a load of sheets off in the laundry room. She didn't know I was in there, I saw her remove a bunch of money from her purse and hide it. Later on I dropped by the laundry room again and there were police there, Carla had claimed that Le had stolen the money.

    I spoke up, walked straight over to the hiding spot and pointed out the cash. Told my story to the police and how I knew about that.

    Carla got fired, Le kept her job, and I quit soon after. I'm white, take what you will from that story.

  • 3.7 years later and the SJWs seem to have not been capable of reading or responding to your story. That's how they work. That's how MAGATs work too.

  • I am white and have smiled at someone (black or white) and then stabbed them in the back. You are some sort of racist idiot to say that.

  • You're probably just am a&& hole, don't assume that people feel the same way about everybody that belongs to your race. Quite frankly I'm sick of the race card - you are either a decent person or your an a&& hole!

  • Thank you. This needs to be said a lot more often

  • Move to New York City. New Yorkers will tell you what they feel. That's why I love them.

  • Other races are just as bad. I've met good and bad people in all races and ethnicities.

  • So all white people are hypocrites, and all non-white people are totally genuine, lovely people.

    F*** off racist scum.

  • Bullshit!

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