Why the ** do non binary people exist

They wont stop bragging about them being non binary and they keep going hi im esther im non binary thats all

Jan 13

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  • Abnormalies of nature.

  • The same reason people who ask "why do non binary people exist" exist. Because there's so many humans that any and every life is lived out. Not everything is for you, or for you to understand- your eyes are not the eyes that see all. Your eyes see what your eyes see, another's see what another's see, and that's what makes the world go round.

    Is it really so hard to grasp? You aren't a human who has a lot of love, compassion, and empathy for others- but those humans exist. And both are valid, and both should exist. Where would the world be if only one human existed? You wouldn't know yourself at all, because we only know who we are in terms of who we are NOT. We define ourselves by, "I am this", in opposition to "I am that". How would there be an "I am" if there weren't a "You are"?

  • Non binary? Bahahahahaha... Mentally retarded children that want others to validate their identities and pronouns... NO...

  • Because demons are escaping ** and the author of confusion IS the Devil...who controls this world?

  • They don't exist, they're just attention seekers

  • Agreed. Ignore, hopefully they'll vanish. Jesus will take care of that

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