I hate the fact that everyone makes fun

I hate the fact that everyone makes fun at me for being str8 edge ppl think that cuz you don't smoke, drink, or do drugs you don't like to have a good time i'm happy that my 4 or so friends understand that now y can't everyone else i'm not different then the next person expect i take the less travel road and don't do drug, smoke, or drink and since i listen to heavy metal ppl think i do and then when they find out i don't they try to question my metalness and say i'm just trying to act like something i'm not

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  • EXCELLENT ! Keep up the good work.

    I hate drug users! They are killing this country! I just wish they would kill them selves.

    Stay strong!

  • I'm sXe and proud of it =P

  • hahaha

  • wow this post got old quick i quess no one is talk about it anymore

  • i mean str8 edge isn't knocking anyones else life style its just show ur true to ur self cuz u don't fold under the pressure of drink or doing drugs or smoking even if ur friends do

  • i'm talking about a places that up at night for str8 edge kids to hang out with

  • yes i know what u mean but the club/group thing.

  • also y do ppl think str8 edge kids are jesus freaks when most of them listen to heavy metal or punk rock

  • i mean i guess i started it at someone house then spread the word around the area then as more and more ppl come try to see if i could started a club

  • i don't mean a club like a group i mean like a place for str8 edge kids to go and listen to music and hanging out because me and my friends found out how hard that is

  • well i would definately join that club

  • i mean ppl don't understand life is a drug that no one or nothing in this would can beat i mean there is nothing better then having control over ur actions, i mean if i say something i know its me talking an not the drugs or the booze or anything else but my mind

  • i know but how will it work i mean no one will drink to make money off that and it will drew a very small crowd be it is for ppl how don't drink or do drugs or smoke and some str8 edge ppl don't have s** out of marriage and it would mess things up

  • aw but that does sound like an awesome idea.

  • i was thinking of maybe if i ever get enough money i was thinking about open a str8 edge club for a bunch of str8 edge kids to hang out in but i realized that the str8 edge movement isn't that big an i might lose money on it

  • i know there is nothing wrong with it, but i think alot of ppl think so for some reason, like they wouldn't invite me to parties because ppl are drinking there like i don't like to go out with a group of ppl cuz i don't drink.

  • nothing wrong with that dude.

  • i'm just sick of some people saying stuff cuz i'm str8 edge like my sibling want to me to drink on my 21st birthday i think there are gonna be disappoint at the fact i don't want to.

  • i'm 20 now and never did i mean i drink a sip or two when i was younger but since then i have not touched anything even thought some of my friends do

  • Bottom line: they don't matter. Keep being smart.

  • I was exactly like you in high school, I've been there. I'm older now (in my 20's) and you know what? Don't bow to the pressure. They'll regret their choices one day; you won't. Just stick with the people who appreciate you as you are and don't want you to do stuff you don't want to do or be someone else. Besides, you won't see any of these people anymore after you graduate.

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