Cheating On My Wife With Her Busty Friend

The first time I saw my wife's friend Cindy I fell in love with her big b****. I couldn't help it. They looked so good. I thought about those humongous b**** all the time.

One night when my wife and me and Cindy had been drinking my wife passed out. I made my move and at last got those big b****. Now me and Cindy get together at least once a week.

My wife has small b**** so it's kind of nice to have big b**** to play with. I am trying to think of a way to make this on the up and up by seeing if I can get my wife to be okay with me playing around with Cindy a few times a week.

I think if I tell her is not about love and that I'm just obsessed with Cindy's big b**** my wife will see the light and maybe okay me taking an occasional big b*** timeout with Cindy. I think if I buy my wife some nice things before I tell her maybe she will be so grateful she will let me get with Cindy now and then. That would be the frosting on the cake and having my cake and eating it too.

But I don't know. My wife can be a b**** at times and might just get mad and ruin my nice arrangement with Cindy.

Nov 20, 2013

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  • Shes gonna be insulted but if you want a sure fire way to get around her anger heres what you need to do: tell her you wanted to try having a polyamorous open relationship so she cant get mad at your life choices :) -light

  • Dont ask her that! It would ruin her self esteem and make her hate you for it in the long run.
    You are cheating on your wife, the woman you promised to stay true to, in good times and bad.
    If you cant keep it in your pants if you see a nice big pair of t****** then your not strong enough for your marriage or wife. If your wife isnt enough for you then you need to leave her and find someone who is. Asshat xx

  • Fake.

  • cindys b**** are nice. Its cool your wife had passed out,I would have liked to be with Cindy

  • Dont tell her!!!! your just assuming she is gonna be ok with it....and chances are she is not. dont take the chance and have as much fun with those big b**** as you can

  • Totally, totally, totally, totally, TOTALLY correct. She is so NOT going to be okay with it. NEVER TELL!!!

  • Enjoy your divorce, dude....

  • Oh Thanks

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