Im a high school student and I have two

Im a high school student and I have two classes with this one girl....I think she's prettier than me because she's asian and im black but don't get me wrong I'm pretty two but I take diet pills work out and I am a f***** awesome personality but she might get more bays than me but I just feel ulgy and kind of drained when I'm in a room with her so what should a do and don't say some dumb s*** please .....I need advice please!!!!!

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  • I have this situation with this model-like girl in my English class. I feel inferior to her as well, so I know where you're coming from. You are not alone! (:

  • The number one thing sexy on a female: CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!

  • (girl who wrote this) thank yo for all of your comments and I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

  • Take up masturbation.

    I don't have self-confidence issues, and I m********* constantly.

    I don't need to compare myself to some asian s****. {or any skanks for that matter}

    It's good for the soul.

  • I'm black and facially I always get that I look like Alicia Keys, and I think Asian women are absolutely stunning. But black women are too! Actually, all races of women are - just embrace who you are and don't be jealous of your friend, join forces! You'll both get double the attention!

  • Black women are the most beautiful women on earth. If you are back and as pretty as you say you are then you win hands down no matter how pretty the asian is. She can't compare. if you are friends with her then just become two hot friends. Who cares who looks better. There is going to be somebody who say I'm wrong and that asians are better looking than blacks. But thats the beauty of the whole thing its all a matter of opinion and there's always going to be somebody on both sides of the fence so choose a side and be happy.

  • Hey girl, I know how you feel. If you keep focusing on how she looks and how popular she is with the boys, then you'll keep missing opportunities for you to show how attractive you are. Just keep your head up, strut your stuff, and forget about her. Who knows, she could be jealous of you too.

  • (girl who wrote this) this is an sort of an advice get people opinions..duh

  • this is not an advice site. go to dear abby

  • (girl who wrote this ) i mean we know each other but its hard when you really dont know somebody but ima be hatin stright up.

  • make her your friend.

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