Im a boy. I have a girlfriend, I like

Im a boy. I have a girlfriend, I like her a lot. I like looking at gay p***. I have been talking to a boy online and I fear I have taken too much of a liking to him. We met before I started dating this girl. We said we liked eachother and would meet someday. He said we should live our lives normally though. So I am, and I havent spoken with him in a week or two. He won't speak to me. I miss him a lot. I dont want to like him. I do not, I hate liking him but I cant stop liking him. I think about him too much. I dont want to be gay. I'm not gay. But I sure do like him....and my girlfriend.

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  • I think you're confuse about your sexuality. Two of my daughters are gay I still love Them , But I don't agree with it.Just think long and hard about what you want

  • Bisexual. . .you need to tell this girl before you cause some serious damage. How old are you?

  • Yeah, strap on! 8====> ~~

  • Yeah, stay with the puss. But buy her a strap-on. Have it both ways!

  • stay with the puss, it wont steer you wrong.
    dont give in to the dark side.
    remember, d**** are for chicks silly

  • ok your gay

  • Comme clean, don't keep your gf in a situation that is potentially explosive. SHe will blame herself and think that she turned you gay/bi.

  • Bi.

  • It's cool man. Everyone likes different things. That's how we tick.

  • It sounds to me like ur bisexual.

  • You sound young and confused. Think carefully about who and what you want to be - a lot of young men feel urges that could be described as homosexual as they grow up, and that includes straight men - they still turn out straight. I'm not sure what causes it, maybe it's just their identifying with the male gender. Anyway, it's your choice.

  • Look,the thing are gay.Bisexual at best.The only decent thing you can do is just face it.You cannot just say:"I don't want to be gay" and not be gay anymore.Pretending won't make it better.You are what you are and it's nothing wrong with it,nothing you should feel ashamed of.There is NOTHING wrong with watching gay p*** or liking another boy,don't let bigots and homophobes tell you otherwise.You sound really young,so I suppose you still have plenty of time to learn to accept yourself.Forcing yourself to live a "normal" life when this is not what you actuallly want can only lead to unhappiness and self hatred.You're clearly not doing yourself(or anybody else around you,for that matter) a favour by repressing your true sexuality.Just be honest with yourself and accept who you are and always remember that the worst lies are those you tell yourself.Wheather you're gay or simply bisexual,just deal with it and live the life YOU want.Best wishes.

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