Wt shud I do

My bf loves me a lot bt d prblm is dat wen I make a mstk he shouts at me bcoz of him I never talk to any guy n I even forgot my Bstfrnd.......my bstfrnd ws very flirty bt only wid other grls although he likes me very much bt he never crossed his limit..... Bt my bf don't lyk him bcoz he thought dat he flirt wid me so I broke my frndshp wid me.... My bf help me in every prblm n he knw dat I feel jealous if he talks to a grl he told me to leave my bstfrnd I did bt he never tried to understand dat he shud leave his frnd too bcoz I don't lyk her.... I can not even tell him bcoz he alwayz show me dat I m wrong.... I m nt I luv him

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  • I think you should leave your boyfriend, what you are saying is the beings of an abusive relationship. if he starts telling you not talk to anyone else but him and starts hitting you leave the sucker immediately. the fact that he does not want to understand that you have guy friends just like he has girl friends means he is unwilling to see you as a person and instead sees you as an object that he can order around and expect obedience from. if you are happy living like that more power to you, but i advise you leave him for your own self respect.

  • First thing you should do is learn how to speak English.

  • She can speak english fine, if you didnt understand what she wrote, then maybe you need to learn the language better. instead of criticizing her writing skills give your opinion on what she wrote not how she wrote it.

  • Yeah right. You must be some dickless, tree hugging, granola eating liberal sputtering that nonsense. Now get back to la la land and STFU.



  • Revetahw ko haey That's English too. It's fun reading it, right?

  • It's not easy but its also not impossible. Its a challenge. It's like a puzzle. why complain? make into something fun.

  • Because when you're typing a message asking for advice/answers WRITE IN THE F****** LANGUAGE OF THE PAGE YOU ARE TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO RESPOND TO.

  • Maybe your boyfriend prefers girls who can communicate in English.

  • Seriously talking and writing are two different things, its easier to talk than it is write. she can communicate in english just fine, stop being so damn judgmental and give the girl some help with the problem she has.

  • I will be glad to help her with her problem AS SOON AS I CAN F****** READ IT MORON!

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