I admit

I don't like old men and too fat. bye old suitor! I don't like you HONEST! I'm not liking your age and your fat! fat are gross! wrinkles are gross also! so, please leave me alone for goodness sake! LEAVE!

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  • Im n affair with old man and he can last ages

  • hmmm are you foreign..?

  • Well I don't like you, but I don't make a lot of noise about it.

  • oh really, but your undercover are following me and h*** how you pimped me to your old friends! I do not want anyone of you in my life! and you and them are still here! hacking me!

  • Just stop commenting on what she says, she'll leave sooner or later! She's crazy.

  • well well well perverts! these crazy perverts are following, go ahead eat my dust!

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