Neighbor spying

There was a little hole in the fence and I would peek through it while the single lady next door would have a smoke. Sometimes she would have a skirt on or a towel and sometimes just a top and panties. Sometimes it seemed like she knew I was watching. One hot day I got lucky and she was topless, just panties, I masturbated til I came in the garden. Good times

Dec 25, 2013

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  • Well update us... How's the sperm tree growing?

  • What do you mean?

  • My downstairs apartment neighbor was a hot, blonde, biker-chick type. Very open with her body and dressed sexy, usually showing good amount of skin. She'd lay out to tan behind our building, and, I'd watch her from my bedroom window, as she usually laid out directly beneath the window. Got away with it a few times, then she caught on. Instead of moving where she tanned or covering up, she played it up for me..Would undo or flip her top down, move her bikini bottoms to the "bikini bridge" level, and take her time spraying or putting on lotion.

    When she moved out, I was helping her pack, and chatting. We'd always gotten along well, even though we both knew I was way out of her league and had no shot, sexually. I was moving a box with photo albums in it, and, she joked "Hope the next tenant is hot like me, so you can watch them, too". Then she did a fun, flirty thing for me: told me there were photos of her, taken by her ex-bf, in that same bikini, posing on a motorcycle and car. If I found them, I could take a few to remember her by. I did take 4, and, if looked enough, think still have them somewhere in my house. I have one hot neighbor now, two yards down, but, she's more soccer mom than hot biker chick. Now I miss Kim, my old neighbor.

  • I'm 19 female damn good looking and well built and my neighbor stares at me all the time when I'm out sunbathing. Fact 9is lately he comes over when he sees me an without asking puts lotion on my back untying my top when he does. A week ago I went out to get some rays and he immediately came over and now he has his own bottle of lotion and he says it will give me a darker tan and I said go ahead and he began to rub it into my back and again he undid my top and a few times his fingers went across my b****** and I jumped a bit for it startled me a bit and brushed it off then he got very near to my bottom top and without asking he pulled my bottoms down actually more than I would have wanted to but he did and he even rubbed lotion way below my tan line that was well established then he moved onto my legs starting off by spreading them just a bit and he began to rub lotion on them and a few times he hit my puss and I said enuf of that and he said sorry and he continued to rub the lotion on both legs hitting my puss more and more. I thought well maybe if I didn't say anything to him I wouldn't attract attention to him touching me there and he'd stop. WRONG he began touching me more and more and he was getting to me. Gads he's three times my age and he's doing this to me then he pulled my bottoms off and threw them on the table now I am nude before him on my belly and I hope he don't turn me over I no sooner thought that and he did and my top fell to the ground and he let out a low whistle which I heard plain as day. He said to me I sure have a beautiful set of knockers and without thinking I said thanks and he began to apply lotion to the front of me giving my b****** more attention than m6y shoulders and he began on my stomach then the front of my legs then he went back to my abdomen and to my upper thighs and he began to apply what but it felt warm and hot and wet. ya me I was wet. He began playing with me more and more and I kept c****** on his CONT

  • My neighbor sunbathes nude. I know she sees me mastrubate while I watch her because we made eye contact one day, and she started to put lotion on while I was mastrubating. She put alot on her t*** that day.

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