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I actually don't know if I am gay or not. I just know that there is a guy in school tha everytime I see him my heart beats faster. I have been wondering for three years if he feels the same way. Now I'm a senior, but I tto afraid to talk to him but I like him so much. When I first saw him I was going to the bathroom. We kept staring at each other right in the eyes but we never talk. that's killing me. He is a junior and I don't like people minor that me, but I just can't control it. Well, the problem is that I also like girls but not the same way

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  • It's definitely normal to feel this way. There's nothing wrong with being gay. You also may not be gay. You could be bi or pan even. Just take time to figure yourself out and if you feel the same then try and talk to him. The worst he can do is say no or maybe call you a name.

  • Decisions.

  • Hey. I'll say right off that it's totally normal to feel this way, and you shouldn't be ashamed of it. You're at a time in your life where you are realizing who you are. Also realize that between gay and straight there is a whole grey area - don't feel like you have to label yourself. But it can help to talk these things out with people who feel the same way. Does your school have a Gay/Straight Alliance? Or is there an LBGT youth group in your area? If you're not comfortable with coming out as a questioner of your sexuality, consider checking out some online resources. I found on a google search.

    As for this other guy, if you are certain he is also gay/bi/whatever, why don't you talk to him, even as a friend?

  • I appreciate your advice though that can't be pssible in my community. I live in a mostly Hispanic community ( I'm from Dominican Republic) where nobody believes in gay stuff. I know that I should's be ashamed of who i am but there is something that doesn't allow me to be the way I want.

  • do you think that is right?? tHINK WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR LIFE?!!

  • ..u should think about wat u r doing to yourlife .....stop do wat your heart says ....but i would date a girl..good luck!!!!!!!

  • I don't even try to date with a girl because everytime I'm with a girl he comes to my mind. Then I go to my imaginary world when they're talking to me. After they finish or say something like " what you say about that" I just don't know what to say. Then they get dissappointed and just leave.

    I wish to date girls, but I just can't take him out of my mind trust me. You can't tell what it feels like because you're not in the same position as me.

  • Dont ruied your life with wrong dicitions !!!!!

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