I'm confused and timid but WANT IT

I need to S****!!!!!

I am married, 46 years old, but I still fantasize about s******* other women. When I was 12, I had an unusual s** drive for my age and was masturbating 3x a day. I wanted to f*** all kinds of gorgeous and not so gorgeous actresses. One of my most favorite fantasies was having a 40-year-old mother of my friend seduce me as a young boy and getting in her bed with her, calling her by her first name, and getting my brains f***** out by her. She was so hot. I wanted to suck her t***, her c***, her ass, her tongue. I fantasized about crazy wild things for years and masturbated my way through them. I tried my hand at sucking a friend's d*** and loved it, but he was afraid to experiment, so it didn't go any further, but I loved the way my d*** felt in his mouth. I am totally WILD sexually, but my wife is tame. I don't know what to do. I am in love with her cousin, who I know is a real cougar in bed, as I've heard. On FB all her interests are sexually oriented ones. I can think of nothing more I want than to get into bed with her. I love watching p*** and have a 2500 page word document I've amassed over the last few years of women's pictures, both clothed and unclothed (one of my favorites is a beautiful woman, completely covered in freckles -- even her HUGE freckled b******; I want to suck them), and stories, like those told on confessionpost.com. One of my favorite things is to suck breast milk. It's so sweet and succulent. I wish we could swing and do so with my wife's best college friend. I m********* constantly and think of her asking me to taste her puss, to penetrate her. Once, 7 years ago, I fell in love with a Slovak girl. She let met tickle her puss and tweak her b******, but she stopped short of going to a hotel. Later she wanted to go to one and my wife caught us on the way. Needless to say, that didn't work out too well. I had this girl bouncing on my hard d***, while she sat on me on top of a mountain, me laying on top of her, sucking her face off, on the floor. I wanted to kiss her feet, then start sucking them, then finally work my way up to her puss and suck for hours. I still love her and can't find a way to contact her. I have a photo of her she posted on the Internet of herself naked but for her bra. I can see her nipples very well through the bra. Sometimes all I can think about is getting back together with her, f****** her, and so on. I think I'm just crazy and out of control or something. I need WILDNESS and don't get it, not even oral. I don't know what to do. When I was 30, there was a 64-year-old woman at work who was SOO elegant and SOO cute. She acted like a 16-year-old and would flirt with me every day. If I had acted on our flirtations, I'm sure she and I could have gone straight to a hotel and had the hottest s** in the world with her. I loved her so much. I don't know what to do. I need to F***. And I think I need to f*** lots of women. I've fantasized about so many. I've had the opportunity to f*** many women through the years and have been afraid to take the chance. Once I had a girl lock us in a room and put on sexual music and start to take off her clothes. Once, a woman (when I was 12 and she was 46) told me she thought masturbating with me would be great and that she often fantasized about me (I was staying alone at her place for a week.). Once a woman 30 years my senior took her clothes off, locked the door, shuttered the blinds (in England) and began to suck my face off. Once I was in a bed next to a good friend; we wanted to f*** each other, I could tell, but never managed to get it together. Once I was in bed with a beautiful girl. I could feel her warm b****** against my hand all night long, but I never groped her or asked her to f*** me. Am I just crazy? What should I do? Am I a bad person or what? I even wanted my half cousin. I went down to her room in her house (was staying over night) and was hot all night for her beautiful b****** and c***. There is a woman 10 years older than I am whom I have been wanting to have s** with and just bury my head in her t*** for an hour -- for years. Sometimes I just need to f*** someone or I will go insane. Please help me out. Please try to be kind. I'm really not sure what to do here.

Jan 2, 2014

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  • U r full of bullshit talk no action go f*** that grany if it make u happy but stop annoying us

  • Grow some b**** and go f*** someone. Everyone has fantasies. Start fulfilling them.

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