Never thought it would happen

I confess, im a 48yo married man, father of three. aged 24,22 and 18, with a next to zero s** life with the wife, and last friday night i cheated on my wife and did something awful, now i know im surpose to feel guilt and i do but i do feel rather proud myself that i still have that edge, although it couldnt be worse case, i had s** with 2 of my daughters friends at the same time. they have always been very flirty towards me and surgestive, and i admit. i have fantasised about them in the past, i picked them up from night clubbing at 2 in the morning with my daughter, everyone went to bed but i couldnt sleep so got up and went outside for a smoke, only to find my daughters friends outside smoking wearing next to nothing, we chatted, we flirted i thought that was it, the topic got onto s** and i was amazed at the things they said they had done, it must been my pjs but they noticed i had a h******, i left but found myself hanging around downstairs till i bumped in the blonde one and she asked does it still work, before i knew it she was giving me a handjob as the reehead came in, they asked if i could handle them and well...i took. them up on their offer, i hadnt had a b****** in over 10years and now i was have two young amazing firm bodied women taking turns giving me a b******, i couldnt help myself and e********* iver their pretty faces, something my wife has never let me do, they claimed to be right but i had none of it and insisted it was their turn, so i laid them began licking and eating them out in the living room, stripping what little clothes they had on before my d*** getting hard again m, this then turned into me having unprotected s** with them one after another, in posistions i only ever watches in p***, one sat on my face while one jumped up and down on my d***,one other posistion i really enjoyed was both were bent over one on top the other and i was doing one and then doing the other, their bodies were amazing, so tight, smooth, petite and firm, the amazing smell of them both and the feel of their firm b******, lasted long enought for the redhead to c** while sitting on my face and i then took the blonde from behind while leaning over and fingering her at same time, she came so loud i though she would wake the rest house, they took turns giving me a b****** together till i once again e********* in the mouth of the blonde, by now the sun was coming up and i knew we had to get to bed, they went out for a smoke again and i went to bed, i saw them in the morning and it was like nothing had happened, but i still had the lipstick round my d*** so i knew it really did happen,

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  • You are just too lucky man!

  • You did what u had to do

  • Fair play to you...that what happens when the wives get old n loose intrest, young p**** come get some c***

  • Did the girls do anything to each other?

  • No not really, only abit of fonderling and light petting, they did kiss and french while giving me a b******, was most enjoyable

  • Did ya have your b**** licked as the other sucked you c***?

  • Yes and it was very enjoyable

  • Mmmm wht wer their outfits? did u strip them fully naked?

  • Yes and no, for the first 3/4 they were not fully naked but by the end they were, the blonde, was in a pink skirt, very tight and black loose fitted top, both came off by the time i was began having s** with her, leaving just her underwear loosely still on, and the redhead was wearing same type top but with wetlook legging that i really enjoyed, the feel of her bum was so arousing with her wearing then, they too came off when i began to have s** with her, she was the first and i will always remember pulling them down to give her a good lick

  • What about their feet? were they wearing heels?

  • Before yes and most time during yes, the blonde had hers on all the way through as she had some string tied herls on that where way to much effort to get off, and the redhead had some black heels which were really thick and big, they did come off during

  • Nice!!!! well done that man, proved to the young tottie that us older men can show them a thing or too, bet both were nice n tight

  • They were, and their bodies were very enjoyable

  • Lucky git, i too fantisies about my daughters friends and would love the chance like that, maybe you can get a more arranged repeat performance?

  • I wish, i have seen them since but not been on my own with them, i doubt it will happen again but then again i never thought it would have happened in the first place

  • You lucky devil...good for you after having had next to zero sxx for the past 10 years. Congrad!!

  • Thank you

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