when will you get it through your damn

when will you get it through your damn head that it is not up to YOU to assess my value as a human being? WHEN? You always want everyone to think you are 'so evolved'- yet you always fall back on your lowest behavior. The learned man asks questions- the unlearned man (and woman) generalizes and assumes and lumps all people into one category or another. The truly evolved are not afraid to THINK. I feel trapped by your impudence. So, what? You lie, cheat and steal so that must be EVERYONE else's motive as well? Well, it's not- and I'm not surprised you can't see that what with your head being shoved so far up your ass and everything.

When will you get it? I AM NOT HERE FOR YOU. God did not put me here for you to stand on so you can feel better about yourself. It is YOUR job to find a wholesome way to get to where you want to be. Life, the government, GOD- owes you NOTHING. I am not your target. YOU are your target. Get mad at yourself- not me. You are at fault for the lack in your life. NOT ME.

I'm tired of being a target for your cruelty. LEAVE ME THE F*** ALONE YOU TRAILER PARK PIECES OF TRASH.

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  • Good that you have this out of your system! I feel roughly the same way about someone I know, although its a small rage that I can control.
    I hope that whoever this rant is for, they feel some form of guilt for the things they do.

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  • you sound like my ex (key word being ex)

  • 2 trailer park girls go around the outside, round the outside, round the outside! -quote Eminem

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