Sometimes it works opposite

They say if someone close is not calling you,not texting you,not replying you ,not showing any interest then there is nothing left in the relationship to look forward to.
How can I make them understand it's not always easy to judge a book by it's cover

Oct 20, 2016

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  • By the same token, if someone is yelling to the heavens about their huge and unbearable "love" for you but won't say it to your face and/or treats you like crap, run as far and fast as you can! THEY ARE NOT IN LOVE WITH **YOU**. THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH THEMSELVES.

  • This has got to be the stupidest thing I've seen in ages.

  • Same here. I am officially fed up with losers who want everyone ELSE to know how "in love" they are, but don't have the stones to say it to their so-called heart's desire.

    I have learned the hard way that such people are narcissists, cowards, or both. Nothing I would want to share a life with.

  • Grow a pair and man up! If you are female, stop being a wimp!

  • Talk to them chickenshit

  • You make them understand by showing them the inside of the book. That's what the saying means.........

  • That makes zero sense. If you make no effort. There is no reason for another to try to connect with you.

  • Exactly! And all of that ignoring and dumb bs is gonna lead to the other person to move on, and when the other person looks up, they will regret that they ever ignored that person.

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