My parents are separating. I'm 12. I don't know what to do anymore. I have two younger brothers who are just as scared as I am, and one of them has Asperger's syndrome which doesn't help, because he doesn't understand. I wish my parents wouldn't fight and we could be a happy family. I wish I could have someone fancy me, instead of everyone thinking I'm a nerd because I'm clever and wear glasses. I just wish I could be a more normal girl, almost a teenager and excited about it.

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  • It's your parents job to make sure everything will be ok your only 12 go be
    a kid and have fun , no need to worry about grown up stuff . Do you enjoy sports or art ? Maybe start a blog and write down your feelings . Find something you enjoy maybe reading is your thing , whatever it is that will keep you busy .
    As for wanting some boy to fancy you your only 12 wait until your at least 16 years old , last thing you need is a boy pushing you to have s** at an
    early age . People can't make you happy you have to make yourself
    happy , so be yourself and everything will fall in place .

  • You are wise beyond your years. I can tell from yuor writing. unfortunately you have no control over your parent's lives. If they aren't happy together it may be best they split up. It doesn't mean they don't love you and your brothers. It's normal to feel scared in this situation. Don't be in such a rush to grow up. Once you get there you will see it's not all you think it will be. Enjoy your youth. You'll find someone special one day who will fancy you for who you are.

  • Thank you :) Sadly, my Dad was dating someone else. One of my friends mums. Awkward.

  • You're welcome. Yeah that is awkward. But like I said it may be for the best.

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