The teacher problem

I already posted this but I can no longer find it. So I am sixteen and my teacher just turned thirty three. I really look up to him, I go to him for advice and we just enjoy talking to each other. But the other day he told me he had a "wet dream" about me. He said we shouldn't be alone together, I never even thought about him and I as a thing. I feel guilty about it, should I? He said I put thoughts in his head, I don't know what to say or do about it. I don't want to tell my friends because I don't want him to get in trouble. What should I do, is this a big deal?

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  • Wait till you're 18 and then you can be a thing... even though it might me a little weird. Tell him that you'll wait till your 18, but until then be safe in case that dude is a perverted molester.

  • Your 16 the age where its legal is 18 if he does something stupid hes going to jail if he tries anything of a sexual nature its considered rape and any unwanted touching is molestation him telling you he had a dirty dream is considered sexual harassment tell a cop dont be stupid and let it go people like that need to be locked away for s*** like that dont be scared dont be nervous just do whats right -light

  • Wow..he went from cool guy to creepy guy in a flash. That sucks, I'm sorry. Great teachers are really hard to come by sometimes. Please know, you did nothing wrong and you shouldn't feel guilty. And you don't put thoughts in his head. This guy is a real j***. This is all him. It's one thing for him to fantasize or think things, you can't control that. But to have him tell you that he had a wet dream and then continue to say that you two shouldn't be alone together is highly inappropriate. It's inappropriate in any professional setting, especially at a school and to a minor. I would be more concerned he's baiting you to see if you're interested. I can't imagine if my boss (friend or not) said that to me. I think I may laugh, but be completely weirded out about it. Best course of action, is to probably find another mentor to confide in. This guy is obviously too immature and too inappropriate to be a teacher. Did he do anything wrong or illegal? Questionable. Should you report him? No, but maybe for safety sake, always have a friend with you around him and don't be alone with him. If he confronts you about why you haven't spoken to him in private, tell him his comments were inappropriate and they made you feel uncomfortable. Just be really don't know what he's thinking or what he's capable of. It could be nothing, but really..what teacher says that? And know not all teachers cross boundary lines, just this loser.

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