Afraid of fighting

I'm afraid of fighting total strangers and I wish I wasn't. When ever there's an altercation I'm afraid I might die some how or get seriously injured. Idk if the b****** has a gun or a knife or has friends helping him or if he's gonna seriously injure me or beat me to death..And because of this I hesitate if i fight back at all..I wish there was some way to get over my fear because the streets nowadays are getting more and more violent.

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  • First thing u need to do is realize YOU ARE NOT MADE OF GLASS. I've been in around 30 fights and believe me when I say if u give it ur all and NEVER EVER HESITATE u have a good shot of winning. Never be the guy that waits for the first punch. ALWAYS throw first and follow up with a quick attack. Best advice is knock em down an pound em and do not stop until someone stops u or they are unconscious. If its a club fight it'll be broken up within a few seconds. If its a street fight and ur outnumber back down. Not b**** down. If not b prepared for some boots to the head. Cover up. As far as ur fear of weapons.....those are the chances one takes. But in my experience fighting I've only had one knife pulled on me. Hope this helps in anyway.

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