Cant stop

I am a s** addict..and a manipulator ... i dont know how else to put it...I have this weird ability to get pretty much whatever i want just by talking to people...i guess i just better jump into it and lay all my wrongs out...I convinced my older step sister to have s** with me...we where raised together since i was 1 and she 3... but just by convincing her it was "mutual masturbation" and was not wrong as long as we were only doing it to c**...Then a few months later i convinced my half sister also older to let me do her in the butt and that it would not be incest if there was no vaginal penetration...its not like i even have a thing for my sisters.. i was just h**** and wanted to c**... thats the worst of it but not all...i had s** with my girlfriend her mom and her grandma all in 2 day period...i have had s** with every one of my friends moms sisters girlfriends... i convinced my best friend to let me have s** with his girlfriend .. and i have also had s** with both of his wives(without permission) I convinced every girl i have been in a relationship to do whatever i want sexually even got each of them to f*** and suck my Malamute...i have so mch more but am running out of space

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  • If this is the truth then I would like to learn how u do it.

  • Lies

  • Niicccceeeeee!

  • Don't believe a word

  • You sound fun. i'm 25 married woman, message me on yahoo messenger. jennytime212

  • You're just an ordinary s*** ie trades sez for attention. Any woman including your mother and daughter will willingly and gladly put out with the right words and the opportunity.

  • Wow....I would like to learn how to do what you do

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