Tomorrow, I am going to have my second

Tomorrow, I am going to have my second abortion. I'm 22 years old.

My first one two years ago I justified with the excuse that it was the result of a mix up with medication rendering my birth control ineffective with my live in boyfriend. No one knew I was addicted to cocaine and afraid it was already deformed.

This time, I didn't realize my condition until I kept getting sick after less than three drinks when going out most nights of the week. The father is a friend of mine at the same university. He thinks I have the flu.

I'm afraid of having children. I don't want to contaminate them with my genes.

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  • Just kill the little thing and get on with your life. Why take personal responsibility? It is only a baby. Kill it now before you start feeling human.

  • maby you should think about if your mother had an abortion? or maby you shoul STOP having S** you selfish little piece of nothing

  • Stupid b**** you should've been aborted at birth!
    filthy animal !

  • She's not dumb, she's smart. She realizes she wasn't fit for breeding, so she took herself from the gene pool. I'd suggest a lot of you do the same, but you won't listen.

  • Abort that sucker!

  • Please don't kill this child - give it up for adoption, and give it a chance to have a good life. Even if you don't want children, there are many couples out there praying for them.

    I agree with the last comment, work on yourself and get your issues sorted, but don't do it at the expense of an innocent life.

  • I would stick to b******* and a*** if I were you.

  • Whether you agree or disagree with abortion, here is a
    fact: A child will not bring stability to an unstable adult, or cure
    an adult in any form.

    If you choose to hide under the "cloak" of motherhood, your problems will multiply, not simplify. Then, 20 years from now
    when the child is gone, the cloak will also be gone, and you'll
    be called to face the same life-pattern alterations you avoided.

    Heal yourself, and you'll have plenty to offer those around you
    at another time.

  • Don't abort your baby... it might be what you need.

  • "then keep your legs closed, s***"? have fun with your immaculate conception....

  • Abort, abort them all. This world doesn't need more babies, have s**, have fun, and keep aborting while its still legal.

  • Then keep your legs closed, s***. There is no justification except your stupidity.

  • Don't do it! Thats a child who will die tommnorow. There are so many people who will help you instantly. You can give life even if it will be hard. Please. I will be praying for you!

  • Uh...

    Use a diaphragm.

  • Wow

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