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I have been doing cocaine every night since august Typically 1/2 to a gram a night. i have been drinking on average 20 to 25 beers a night for at least the last 16 months. I routinely go to work shitfaced drunk but the only people that seem to notice are the guys that are under me. I hate it when fat chicks dont have big t***. I have not paid my taxes since 2010

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  • Yeah, whatever. I did 8 b**** until 5 am and stripped to support my habit.

  • We got a real doctor rockso here people

  • Okay. It's out there. Now go and do something about it. Before something happens and you're paying a much greater price. It's one thing to get high and drunk at home, but once you get into a car and endanger know what the potential outcome can/will be. Getting clean won't be easy. Conquering your addiction will require a lot of willpower and effort on your part. But the rewards of getting your life back will be awesome and you know you can do it. The other stuff, you can do. Get your taxes in order and just pay up. Can't really do anything about the whole fat chicks that don't have big t*** thing..but maybe you can work on your attitude with regards to that.

  • Once you reach a point where you're able to admit -- to yourself -- that you have a problem with chemical dependency (beyond admitting that it's making your life more difficult), then you need to go get help. Professional help. There are plenty of places that offer the type of assistance you need, but if you go there with the attitude that you don't have a problem, you're wasting your time. And theirs. You are in an extremely deep hole (I know, because I've been there), and you need to get out. Start today.

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