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I started working as a stripper last year, and it's amazing how many guys between 35-55 come into the clubs looking for a wife. Even the ones who are already married are looking to trade up. And at least one girl gets proposed to every night of the week, every night, even by guys who they have never even seen before in their lives. I mean it's sad, but it's also just hilarious.

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  • My Brother-in-law is married to an ex stripper. She didn't stop stripping until after they were married and she was pregnant.

  • I have so many female bartender friends like that, and, several times, have had to come to their rescue. One regular customer at my sports bar has a rather unhealthy thing for an admittedly gorgeous, blonde, huge-boobed bartender, who's also engaged and has a kid. This guy has had his moments where she stops being nice and patient with his advances, proposals, and comments, and will ask or tell me..Go keep him occupied so he leaves me alone.

    Another regular, nice enough guy, but when a certain, petite, short blonde, who's also been in a relationship for 10 years, is there, he loses it. Creepy loses it. I've had to sidetrack him a bunch of times at her blue-eyed stare at me, intoning "He's creeping me out again" message. Even I'll admit, he's said some odd things to me about her. And it is both sad, and a little hilarious.

  • I'm not judging anyone on this, because I used to Dance. A lot of Girls have nothing but their Bodies to make a living with. Not saying they are stupid but Fast Food Employment would be their best shot. Then there are Girls that really like to show off their Bodies, and making tidy sums of Cash as well is just a Bonus. Guys come in that like to Drink and watch naked Women and then you have some guys with "issues" and they see the Dancers in a totally different perspective. The Worst is the jealous BF's of the Dancer's. They are in the Club and always cause problems. Lots of jealously between the Girls and the Club Mangers seem to thrive on that BS for some reason? Then you have guys that come in with an attitude, and if he thinks you are ignoring him than anything can happen. Some Guys come in and fall in Love with some of the Girls, and if you turn them away they can get s***** real quick. Take it for what it's worth. Girls are there to make Money and entertain the Guys and the Girls as well. If you don't get caught up in the BS everyone will have a great time.

  • What really is Funny is that you simply dont realise the Job that you are participating in . There is no way to Justify it , let me assure you as an Ex Industry Manager , No Female working in this Industry comes out Unscathed , Its simply Impossible . With each Dance performed for Money , you give away Far More than S** .

    I have been fortunate to have S** with 4 Exoctic dancers over 11 Years , aged between 19 and 38 , still see one from Time to Time ..These Girls are Messed my Emotionally and in many many ways , It happens Over Time , and is an Incredible emotional Drain .

    Expect Marriage Proposals ( few are Serious ) And Promises and you Take Off your Clothes and Work your P**** , your Clitorus against the Mans Aroused Member . Please , be extremely careful in the Way you View your Current Employment : Melbourne Australia Mr DJ

  • With Lots of GRINDING onto Errections , and pushing your Naked Body front on while Flicking the Top of the Errection with Your legs Spread Wide ..JUST for Money !! And you are laughing that Individuals what to Get Married ??
    These Proposals are not Real , its just part of the Entire Enviroment of S***** ..Plus Much Much more than the above . Ha ha ha ha ..These are hardly harmless Actions for the Dancer or the Danceee.

  • With Lots of GRINDING onto Errections , and pushing your Naked Body front on while Flicking the Top of the Errection with Your legs Spread Wide ..JUST for Money !! And you are laughing that Individuals what to Get Married ??
    These Proposals are not Real , its just part of the Entire Enviroment of S***** ..Plus Much Much more than the above . Ha ha ha ha ..These are hardly harmless Actions for the Dancer or the Danceee.

  • Unfortunately Dancing is Not as harmless as you may think . Plus Young Women in these Clubs are often literally " For Sale " not matter what they say . No idea why you'd want to Marry a Stripper ..But it sure is good the BAG one or two .

    There are some very depressing stripper Stories however and remember you Give away " Just a little of your Own Pride " ..With EVERY single Dance . These guys just want to have a Crack , good luck to them . Trading Up ?? Well , not sure about that .

  • Ha ha! This most recent comment makes me laugh. You mean the men who are going to strip clubs thinking they can actually get a "Desprite" stripper to marry them are ruining their marriages? It is funny because it shows how pathetic drooling over a girls body parts can be... when for alot of us... its just the skin we wear. Weather our bodies have been "idealized" with surgery or fetishized.
    It is the skin we wear and we women are people. Perspective on society and the human condition can be made from the stripper pole. Comprende? Feminism and strippers can co-exsist because the practice brings questions of this patriarchical obsession to a pure from in which the stripper acts as both the submissive oppressed and the dominant, the fetishized object and the self aware trangressor. This practice is so contriversial because of the duality of that which is considered whoredom. You may consider it demeaning, and for some yes it might be, but for others it is a really good example and way to gauge where we are as a society.

  • nobody knows what you're saying........and neither do you. idiot.

  • What you're doing isn't funny. You're ruining marriages.

  • Men think with their d****, dear, even it comes to marriage. Is that surprising to you?

  • Stripper creep me much do most stripper make anyway.does a stripper have no shame in making a living like that.or does she love money more than loving she really in love in making more money?

  • Dancers don't love money any more than anybody else in any other job. Some will tell you that it's easy money, but it isn't: dancing is physically demanding and exhausting work. Yes, the money is good, depending on your look and body and how outgoing you are. Some girls make more than $500 in a night (those on the circuit probably make 2 or 3 times that), but the average around here in the high-class places is maybe $250. So, with just a few nights a week, you can do relatively well, and leave your days open for a "normal" job, or for school (which is what I do). And no, there is no shame because there's no reason for it. I guess at one time, stripping was a marginal pursuit, exiting on the fringe of society, but now it's mainstream, and not only is it not looked down on, it's looked at as worthy (and for some, as art).

  • There's something about a woman who exhibits her sexuality to a man, even in a strip club setting, that makes her seem accessible. In a normal setting, like an office, the guy would realistically know he has no shot. But when she takes off her clothes in a club he thinks it's only for him and she wants him. You add in personal attention feeding into that delusion and makes it even more realistic, even if the man suspends disbelief and fails to acknowledge the most obvious thing, that she's playing for maximum tips. The strippers are looking out for their own best interest in making it personal. All that said, are you available? I think we should get married.

  • I get what you're saying; I do. But I don't see them as deluded. In fact, they know exactly what we're doing, what we're up to, what we want, and how far we're willing to go to get it (well, MOST of them know that; some are just morons). But they want THAT. I don't believe they consider our dress or approach or attitudes directed at them personally: I think they know we are businesswomen (even if not mercenaries) involved in a transaction. Particularly those of us that do escort work on the side. I really believe that these men want exactly what we are, and they want to be married to it. A few girls are looking for that, too, of course. But most of us just think it's funny.

  • Well, that acting as escorts on the side thing adds a new element to this discussion. Yes, they love what you are and what you do for them, and maybe even sometimes for others. Perhaps they want that for the rest of their lives, perhaps they envision themselves somehow "rescuing" you. Either way, they may find a taker, a girl who is looking for financial security or a meaningful relationship. But overall, I'd still say strippers mostly play the guys for maximum payoff and I have no problem with that. I'd say overall if you have guys who are so into you they want to marry you, the fantasy you have created for them must be outstanding. Maybe the bigger question becomes not whether a guy would want that from a stripper but whether the woman would want that from a guy, a lifetime with someone who gets off on strippers.

  • That's a perfectly valid point, and that's why the whole thing is so funny to most of the girls who dance. Obviously, some girls come into the clubs looking for a guy who will rescue them --- from family trouble, bad marriages, drugs, poverty, whatever --- and they can certainly find either a husband or a sponsor pretty easily. But you're right, the shallowness that men bring into these places is easy to see (because they do almost nothing to hide it), and the frequency with which the "proposals" occur is what makes it funny, and sad at the same time. It's not that they "get off on strippers": it's that they are so blatantly superficial and thoughtless. [And as for me personally, no: I get no more proposals than the other girls, so I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. In fact, there is one skinny young girl who gets about two a week!]

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