I Want to be Dominated

I've always been a shy. timid, submissive person. I've always felt lost and alone. I lost my parents at an early age which greatly affected me. I have sexual problems i.e. really small micropenis. I've been bullied, pushed around, verbally abused and constantly made fun of mostly when I was younger. I grew up hating myself and for the most part still do. I've always had this desire and need for someone to dominate me. I've always imagined a dominate woman would find me, use me and abuse me. I would love to be her pet, plaything, slave and toy. She would order me and own me as her property to do with as she wanted. Then when she was done with me she would just discard me or give me to someone else to be used by. I've also fantasized about younger but tougher guys dominated me. not sexually because I'm not gay but just the thought of them mocking me and dominating me or using and abusing me by mocking my micropenis turns me on. I've always felt like I wasn't a real man and want a dominate younger straight guy to get his jollies and maybe feel better about himself by dominating me physically i.e. wrestling me into submission or lightly beating me. I would love to made to get down on all fours and bark like a dog just so others can laugh. I want the feeling of being owned. Being owned by someone would give me a sense of purpose and belonging. I want to feel like I belong to someone and they have to take care of me regardless of how kind they are about it. I feel like I need someone else to control me because on my own I'm completely empty, without purpose and therefore completely worthless. By belonging to and being dominated by someone I have a purpose and I can bring pleasure to another person. I want that person to own me inside and out and know me inside and out. I want to be that person's puppet. I want to be a robot who is programmed by whoever owns me.


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  • Same here i have the same fantasy, for some reason the thought of a pain while having s** makes me h**** as h***. I want to be dominated and ordered around.

  • I would so love to kick you in the nuts. - Kisses, Brenda

  • I would so love for you to kick me in the nuts. Kick me baby PLEASE

  • Lol, you're cute. - Kises, Brenda Meow

  • Careful what you wish for my friend...when its too much and they don't want to stop then what are you going to do at that time huh?

  • It would never be too much. If they didn't want to stop I wouldn't want them to stop.

  • You should try Second Life. Lots of stuff like that goes on in there. I know it's not real, but it can get close.

  • You can find me as CC Silversmith in there.

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